Pork Butt, spare ribs, chicken breasts and leg quarters temp question

Discussion in 'Pork' started by pigglywiggly, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Ok, so tomorrow I am planning to do a pork butt and some spares for dinner, and want to do chicken for around lunch time. Normally I would do my chicken at 275 in my MES and most everything else at 235 or so. The pork butt will need to be in the smoker the whole time, and the spares will need to go in about the same time as the chicken. My question is if the butt and spares would be ok to do at 275 for the 2 hours or so it takes for the chicken to get done, or should i just do em all at 235. I know the lower temp on the chicken makes the skin more rubbery.

    I am thinking maybe just do it all at 235, but what do yall think? Q-view will follow in the morning.
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    I would do them all at 235 - 250 and make sure the chicken is on the bottom so it does not drip on the pork. You can always finish the chicken on the grill or broiler to crisp the skin
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  4. Yep what Scar said
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  6. There's an echo in here!!!

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