Pork Butt smoking- Can I disrupt the cooking time?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by canucksmoker, May 29, 2014.

  1. canucksmoker

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    I have  a 23lb pork shoulder, bone in, I am expecting 20lbs after some trimming of skin/fat. This will be the biggest I have smoked. I live in a small mountain town with bears and cannot consider leaving it smoking over night or even starting at 5am (that is way too tempting for a bear). 

    I want to serve Saturday night. This is what I am thinking: 

    Friday AM, put on grill on smoker until evening (could give 12 hours) place in pan cover and put in very low oven over night. My oven's lowest temp is 170f. Saturday AM back on smoker (in pan?) to finish. Will I need the last park of smoking? Or should I just plan to shred and reheat Saturday eve? 

    Any other suggestions on how to do this? Or perhaps I am way off on my smoking time (my smoker is a Traeger, which sits around 175-200 on smoke). 

    Thanks all!! 
  2. yotzee

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    I would start in in the smoke for about 5 hours then finish it all the way in the oven at 225.  I wouldn't play around with a temp as low as 170 for not completely cooked meat.

    Your best bet is to cook to finish, shred, use a finishing sauce then reheat on Saturday.
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  3. Yep do it on the smoker as long as you can then finish in the over at 225. Smoke is only taken up until the meat hits 145 or so, so no real point of going back to the smoker after that
  4. canucksmoker

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    Okay, thanks! any estimations on how long it will take the pork to get to 145? Is 5 hours enough for that? And then in oven to 180 internal correct? Do you think it is something I could do on Saturday, or will it need longer in the oven? 
  5. atomicsmoke

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    You could also separate the shoulder from the butt. Gives you more surface to get bark on and cooks in (almost) half the time. Also allows for different cook times between shoulder and butt.

    I've done it - happy with the results.

    Good luck.
  6. yotzee

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    Depends what temp you are cooking at.  I would be working in the 275-300 range.  Shoulder can handle it
  7. canucksmoker

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    Okay, can put on medium, that will keep it between 225-275, High is 350 and up. Plan 5-7 hrs in smoker and 12 in oven? 
  8. yotzee

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    That seems like a good estimate but it will only be done when its done.  And that's when it hits about 200 internal.
  9. canucksmoker

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    200 internal, got it. thanks for the tips. Will get the rub on tonight and start the rest tomorrow :) Gonna be a good bbq on Saturday!
  10. yotzee

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    Keep us in the loop with pics and updates!
  11. canucksmoker

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  12. Count me in - sounds like this will be a good smoke!  [​IMG]
  13. Actually meat will continue to take smoke as long as it is in the smoke  [​IMG]
  14. Like just about everything it's debatable, but most of the stuff I have seen says the meat will only take smoke in to a certain temp (could be 165 instead of 145 now that I think of it). At that point the fiber of the meat tightens enough that smoke will no longer penatrate the meat, it will just build up on the outside.

    But like I said it is all up for debate
  15. Not trying to argue but as long as your meat is exposed to smoke it will continue to get more smoke flavor... Here is a good thread about that http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/139995/it-wont-take-no-more-smoke-after-4-hours-horse-hockey  if you feel like reading it... If you're of the camp that it doesn't take any more that's fine - good Q is good Q no matter how it's done  [​IMG]

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