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  1. before all the usual Jokes....I know they are coming, the title was an underhand pitch.. but here is the question.... I am looking for opinions on to long to let the meat rest once rubbed and seasoned then wrapped tightly in the cooler. I have gone up to two weeks on many occasions and as little as a few days,

    1) anyone notice a difference on the long term result of the pulled pork with a longer wait/rest?

    2) once I wrap the meat with multiple layers of saran wrap I place it into my "deep Cooler" , the temp stays at 34.7-35.4

    any and all opinions will be greatly appreciated,


  2. Sorry To Everyone,

    I might have accidently posted this in the wrong spot, it may have to be moved. I will try to figure this out...

    thanks again to all,

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    Please clarify your question.  Are you asking how long to allow the raw meat to rest in the fridge with the rub on it?  Or are you maybe asking how long to allow it to rest after it is finished cooking?

    Either way...2 WEEKS OR MORE???  

  4. seenred

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    After re-reading your question, I am assuming you're asking about pre-cook time with the rub on it.  Many times, I rub my butts and ribs immediately before it goes in the smoker...with excellent results.  The longest I have ever allowed a butt to sleep in the fridge with the rub is overnight.  2 weeks or longer seems like extreme overkill...am I missing something?

    Hope I answered the question you are asking.

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  5. Seen Red,

    thanks for the reply, yes it is related to prior to smoke. my problem this time is I now have 40 +lbs of shoulderrested and ready to go but have personal issues that may keep me from getting it in the smoker for 7 - 10 days from now, only rested  at this point approximately 16 hrs. I have not had a problem in the past waiting a week but this time could be an issue?? possibly JJ might have an opinion as well

    thanks again,

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    I would be wary of leaving fresh, unfrozen raw meat in the fridge for such a long period of time without cooking or freezing it.  Speaking of ChefJJ, he is one of our resident food safety experts...I trust his advice on all things related to food safety.  You might want to PM him and ask his advice on this.

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  7. Red,

     thanks! I tend to agree because many of a time I have had to rub and wrap on a Sunday or Monday but can not get it to the smoker before Friday or Saturday in the past years (no problem) this time due to circumstances I could not put a exact time frame on it so I opted to give it to a buddy to smoke and he keeps half and freezes the rest for me and I will start over when I get back. I will try a PM to JJ first chance I get for as we say "valued and respected" answer. I will share the information. my guess is as you say not a real good plan even at my low temps. I would have froze it but all three are stuffed, just took 1/2 beef and whole pig and up here salmon and steelhead are running, last week 35lb King dressed out in the river (out my back door) just took too much on (just froze 4 bellies) that were planed as well..........shoulders you can give up Bacon never[​IMG]


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