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Discussion in 'Pork' started by got smoke, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. i am going to smoke two pork butt roasts iam going to rub them and wrap them in plastic overnight now is the question i am going to wrap them in bacon do i do this the night before or can i wait until i put them in the smoker thanks for the input
  2. gooose53

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    I've never done this before but it would seem to me that if you wrapped in bacon before you put it in the smoker, your bacon would be really crispy (nee burnt up) before your butts are done. Think I would wait to wrap until you have about 2 hours left. Maybe others have done this and have some input.
  3. glued2it

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    I've smoked allot of butt's but never wrapped one in bacon. That's a new one to me.
  4. i just need the bacon for the fat thank for the input
  5. they are pretty lean ritchcee gave me the idea a few weeks ago
  6. bbq bubba

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    Lean butt's??? Is this wild hog or regular piggy?
    Only bad thing about wrapping in bacon is that the bacon takes all the smoke, none gets to the butt. Just my $.02 [​IMG]
  7. glued2it

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    Oh no you been talking to rich![​IMG]

    Do you want to see Richtee when he gets old? Click here.

    Bubba's got a good point!

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    I think perhaps you are referring to pork loin roasts which are lean.

    Pork butts are very high in external and internal fat and certainly don't need to be wrapped in bacon.
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  10. cowgirl

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    Another [​IMG] here..loins need bacon, roasts have plenty of fat to keep them moist and juicy.[​IMG]
  11. godd one i like that i will try without bacon thanks for the advise

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