Pork butt instructions for MES 30, other questions

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    Where would I find beginning to end instructions for Pork butt in the MES 30?

    Also, What do people do who cook overnight--get up every 30 minutes to put in more chips? Are there chunks small enough to use and would they last longer?

    In my initial cook, using chips,  I got too much smoke for a few minutes, then none for the rest of the 30 minute period. After several hours, I stopped getting smoke, even though I replenished the chips. I dumped the ash thinking that was the problem. I finished cooking with no smoke and removed the meat. When I checked the wood box, there were my unburnt chips just lying there, not burnt at all. The temp held steady according to the thermometers, but the wood didn't burn. What happened?

    Hope this is not too many questions for one message...
  2. I answered your chip question in your other post http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/145445/smoke-chips#post_1023449   but basically if I were you I would get an AMNPS from here http://www.amazenproducts.com/  & it will solve your smoke problems [​IMG]

    Here is a good thread for making pulled pork in general


    & here are a couple of my smokes in my MES 30 in case they help. I give it a good coating of rub first.  I don't use any water in my pan & keep smoker temp around 225* I keep smoke going the whole time with my AMNPS & don't foil the butt till it's done. I take it out when it hits around 200* IT then wrap it in foil & a couple towels & throw it in a cooler for at least a half hour - preferably longer. Then I pull it. It turns out great. Any questions feel free to ask  [​IMG]


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    I find with my MES 30 that I have to leave the top vent wide open to get good smoke.  Otherwise, my chips starve for air and just turn into charcoal bits after a while.  The chips burn up quickly, so you have to plan on putting more into it every 45 minutes or so, or get the AMNPS for long-term smoke and just use the electric element for heat.

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