Pork butt in the trash can smoker (Qview)

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by mapancohuma, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. mapancohuma

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    Took the trash can/hot plate smoker out for its first real test drive yesterday—a 7 pound pork butt. (Purchased at Martin's butcher shop at Reading Terminal Market, for those Philly-ites out there.) Here's how it went down.

    The night before, I made a rub out of brown sugar, white sugar, korean red pepper flakes, cumin, salt, and pepper. I slathered the pork butt in mustard, and then coated with the rub. At 6:00 am, I threw the pork on the smoker, which ran at around 225 degrees burning applewood. I flipped the pork a couple of times, and removed it when the temperature read 190 degrees, around 4:00 pm.

    The result: Delicious. Really excellent smoky character, the pork as tender as can be. Pulled apart and piled on a sandwich—sublime.


  2. meateater

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    Is this a galvanized trash can? 
  3. mapancohuma

    mapancohuma Newbie

    The trash can is not galvanized.
  4. nepas

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    Looks good. Know where the terminal is. Martins has some good meats.
  5. smokinal

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    Good looking butt!
  6. billyj571

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    nice lookin butt.......lol

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