Pork Butt in the new propane smoker

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokinhusker, May 29, 2013.

  1. The long weekend was a perfect time to break in the new propane smoker. In addition to the Pork Butt, I did a full Brisket Packer and a Brisket Flat.

    10 lb Pork Butt trimmed and rubbed with Carolina Style Rub Some Butt. Preheated the smoker to 250-275* and used Hickory and Cherry (since I was smoking Brisket).

    I did spritzed the butt periodically with a mixture of Apple Juice, Cowboy Candy Jalapeno Syrup and Capt Morgan's. I had a pan under it with Chef Jimmy's Smoky Au Jus (which I modified) for pork by using ham broth base, added some brown sugar and apple cider vinegar.

    I have to say I'm lovin this propane smoker. It took the butt 12.5 hours to reach 200* IT had some awesome bark and pulled beautifully. Really cut the time from using the MES40.

    I then drizzle the "Au Jus" over the meat and toss it all together.

    This one turned out far better than any I have previously done!!!!!!

    Thanks for looking.
  2. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    That pork looks Awesome Alesia!!! Glad that gasser is working finally!!!
  3. roller

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    That Butt looks great !!!!
  4. That's one nice butt...I need to make me a propane smoker *sigh*!

    You know, I'm only about 20min away?

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  5. Very nice! How did u like that Carolina style rub some butt rub? I almost got some last weekend but I haven't seen anyone else use it to get a real review...
  6. pgsmoker64

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    Beautiful butt Alesia!

    Love the Q-View!

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks Dave...I love this smoker! Gotta post the briskets I did too. 
    Thanks Roller!
    I can tell you I love it. Yep I'm up near Woodland Park.
    Thank you! Rock picked the rub up on one of his Hardware store forays. Figured I'd try it on some pork chops first and they were very good, so on the butt it went. Not real sweet, which I like, and has that Carolina flavor, which I also like. 
    Thanks Bill!
  8. kathrynn

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    Looks amazing!  I am tickled you are liking the smoker!  [​IMG]

    Cant wait to see the brisket!

  9. seenred

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    Looks great Alesia! Nicely done!

  10. Ace Hardware? They Actually have a ton of BBQ rubs, sauce and accessories! i have one (Centennial and GOG) about 2 blocks away!
  11. Thanks Kat. Posted a new thread in Beef and on my FB.
    Thanks SR!
    I think he got ours at the one off 21st or the HUGE one up Circle...it is awesome!
  12. oldschoolbbq

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    Bark on the Butt is Marvelous looking.[​IMG]
  13. Thanks Stan! The bark was to die for!!!!

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