Pork butt in my MES 30

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  1. Hey guys.  Just thought I'd share a little Q with ya.  I started with a Pork Butt I bought from the local grocery store.  I trimmed all the fat off of it I could.  Then I salted it, covered it, and put it in the fridge for about a day and a half.  After I took it out of the fridge, I covered it heavy with a Memphis Dust Rub that I added cayenne to.   Then it went on the smoker.  I have an MES 30 with bluetooth.  I also have an AMNPS that I filled with hickory pellets.  I lit both ends because I really wanted to get some good smoke flavor.  I did not have a water pan, I left the chip tray in but removed the wood chip adder.  During the first hour or two, I would add hickory chips to the tray for an added smoke punch.  I use the meat temp gauge that came with the smoker and I have had absolutely problems..same with the smoker temp gauge. No problems.  Now on my Yoder640, I have to use another gauge..go figure lol.  Anyway, I smoked the butt until I got it to the color that I wanted.  I believe the internal temp was at 172ish.  After that I pulled it out and double wrapped it in foil.  I didn't add any liquid or anything like that.  Then I put it back in and let it do its thing.  I took it out when it hit 208 internal temp.  Total cook time was about  I let it rest for a few minutes, then I pulled the bone clean out.  I shredded it in a bowl and added the liquid from the foil back into it.  Wow.  It was absolutely delicious.  The bark held up really well even though I foil wrapped it.  I put this on a potato roll, topped it with some homemade slaw, and I was in Hog heaven.  Here are some pics of it before I wrapped it so you can see the bark and color.  Then I have some pulled and a piece of the bark.  

  2. Sorry, forgot to mention that my total cook time from start to finish was about 12 hours.  Thanks for looking!
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    Looks delicious!!

    Great job!!


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