Pork butt had a very large bone

Discussion in 'Pork' started by russmn, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. russmn

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    Ok I'm rather new to smoking ... I've done probably around 10 pork butts or so... Today I went to a new meat market because my regular one only had frozen ones.... Any way the butcher offered me the entire shoulder which I didn't want simply because I done have time to for a 20 lb butt... I said cut it in half and I'll take it .... When I got home I noticed it had a huge bone ... I've always used bone in butts but it wasn't like those ... This bone appears to be flatter and it runs all the way across the entire meat ! I mean in both directions ... Length and with ! Not like your typical bone that I remove with two fingers when it hits 200 !! Could someone explain what this is .. Why ?? And if it's a good thing or bad thing or neither ? Thanks
  2. tropics

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    Sounds like a shoulder roast 

  3. chef jimmyj

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    When a Butcher says he has Whole Shoulders, he is selling you the entire front leg, less the Hock. This is the Butt, top portion, or true shoulder and the Picnic Shoulder, lower leg. The Butt has the flat blade bone and the Picnic the bulk of the leg bone. It would be possible to have a Butt portion with the Blade bone being centered in the meat and running side to side but that would be a butt with the large meaty portion and the Coppa or Money Muscle removed and sold for another purpose like curing and then he is selling the rest as a whole shoulder.

    The right half of below (Pork Butt) removed leaving a half Butt with all bone and the lower Picnic (See second pic for both.)


  4. russmn

    russmn Meat Mopper

    Thanks ... Is having this bone a good thing or bad thing?
  5. chef jimmyj

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    Nothing bad about a bone, just a less meaty Butt than you are used to. It will cook the same and taste the same. Hopefully you paid a good price. Anything over $1.50 is too much for that...JJ
  6. russmn

    russmn Meat Mopper

    It was 1.80 but options were limited at the time
  7. halfsmoked

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    yup a whole pork shoulder nice show of photo and explanation JJ Bone in gives better flavor I think on most cuts especially steaks.
  8. russmn

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    Well I'll never buy a butt like that again !! I have a uds and this thing would not cook !!!! 20 hours later sitting at 165 with the smoker at 250 !!!! I'm thinking the bone prevented heat from penetrating the meat!!!! I should have done it bone side up!!! Either way lesson learned never again!!! I've done several butt cooks this is the only time I ever had a problem!

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