Pork Butt Fat - What to do with it

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dancg68, May 19, 2013.

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    I smoked three pork butts yesterday and pulled them this morning.  I used a new butcher and there was a thicker layer of fat then I normally get, so when the smoking was done I still had a nice thick layer of fat on the butt, which I removed before pulling.

    Is there anything I can do with this fat?  It seems a shame to toss it since it likely has lots of flavor, but I can't see just biting into a big slab of fat.


  2. Hello.  You could freeze it in small amounts and use it to season things like beans and any other dish where smoked flavor is desired.  The fat should melt away and if not can be removed after the dish has cooked.  All I can come up with.  If anyone has figured a way to run a motor on pork fat please post. [​IMG]
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    Dan, fat is where the flavor is...[​IMG]   [​IMG]   . Or you could use it to flavor something else, Beans , Veggies , anything ... helps me keep my good looks and handsome figure ...[​IMG]

    The bark it developes as cooking (fat side down ) is wonderful.

    Have fun and next time send some Q-view [​IMG]  . We wanna see...
  4. dancg68

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    The butts had a nice bark on them, will post some pics when I do my brisket and salmon later this year.

    Wife thinks we might be able to render the fat to use when cooking homefries or something like that.  I'll let everyone know how it came out.

  5. If you make sausages, you can add the fat to them if you use lean meat.

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