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Discussion in 'Pork' started by knifebld, Jul 7, 2014.

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    Hey all,

    To make the most of my week off last week, I stopped off at my local butcher and picked up a couple of 8 lbs pork butts. Since I was not not planning on any company over the next few days, I decided to make one into pulled pork (to use later in the week) and try out some pork burnt ends.

    Here are my butts, rubbed and ready to be wrapped and placed in the fridge over night;

    Tossed them both in my WSM at 235F at around 5am. Took one out once it hit 165F to begin dicing it for my burnt ends;

    I used a mixture of butter, Worcestershire sauce and apple juice for the injection...I injected every piece....I must say that this was quite tedious...

    Tossed the injected pork cubes into a foiling pan, sprinkled more rub, and mixed well. At this point I tossed my other butt into a foiling pan too;

    Continued smoking for about 2 and a half hours, then pulled out my burnt ends (which was our meal for that evening);

    Burnt ends were great...very tender and fell apart in my mouth. Not sure if they were worth the time spent injecting....I don't mind spending time on prep but this was long and messy for a final product that I am not sure made a huge difference. Also tossed in a few asparagus for an hour and then grilled them...turned out OK, but I don't really have any great marinading or experience with veggies...so will keep on trying,

    Pulled my second butt off at around 7:30PM (14 hours), temp was at 206F. It had an incredible bark;

    Turned out nice and moist and fell apart way easy;

    Pics of my sammies a few days later;

    All in all a great smoke and got some more experience by trying out a few new things. T'what its all about right??

    Cheers all!
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    Nice work my friend. Keep it up!
  3. I just got back from a 5 week vacation in Hawaii over the holidays and I already have Illinois Cabin Fever.

    I've been thinking about smoking up some Pork Butt (boneless) Burnt Ends too. Seeing your pics got me to some serious thinking.

    Logic tells me to cook it like a brisket first. I would smoke it to @165F, slice and trim the excess fat, roll the pieces in (more) rub, and put it back onto the smoker until it reached 205F.

    Yours looked good enough to eat, but I didn't really think they looked "burnt". IMO, the pieces needed to be seperated from each other to obtain a new crusty coating overall. Anyway, that's how I would do it.

    I hope the weather breaks and offers me the opportunity. Maybe I should just head down to Mexico or Guatemala next month. Who knows?

    If anyone has anything to contribute to the process I'm more than willing to read it/them. Thanks.
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