Pork butt bone in smoking tried something diff any advice

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bungles, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. bungles

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    So i had a 6-7lb bone in butt. did my rub n such. Started last night at 5pm took it off grill/smoker at 130am. Wrapped in foil towels cooler.

    Its def not pullable yet. I put back on the smoker at 10am IT is 130.

    I guess what i'm asking is, is this a good method or should i have left it overnight? It was real cold last night that is why i pulled it off grill/smoker.  Using old school round weber grill coals on one side apple chunks n pan of water.
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    With Pork Butts time is just a guideline. Smoker temp and Internal Temp (IT) is what is critical. Smoker temp needs to be 225-250 for figuring 2 hours per pond timing. At 250-275 1.5hr per lb and 275+ timing gets closer to 1hr/lb...The IT for pulling is usually around 205°F and testing for doneness by poking around with the therm probe. The probe should slide in with zero resistance and the bone should easily wiggle free. Give a 30 minute rest and start pulling. Another option is to smoke to an IT above 195°F and wrap in foil and towels and place in a cooler for a 2-3 hour rest. During this cooler time the residual heat continues the cook the butt, breaks down remaining connective tissue and the meat falls apart. These are the best options...JJ
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    IMHO, you should have let it go all night.

  4. bungles

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    Ya I think so to. Hopefully it'll still come out Allright temp up to 170
  5. tone

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    I smoked a butt on my weber a few weeks ago, it was cold 20 degrees or so. Put the grill in my garage and finished the 7 pound butt in 12-13 hours. Had a long stall at 170 ish bout 2 hours then it slowly climbed. I had to add some charcoal at around 10 hours. The vents were pretty plugged up. Got them cleaned out a bit and sure enough it worked out fine. Pulled it with 2 forks.
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