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  1. I want to smoke a pork belly what temperture should I smoke to even though i am going to be slicing and frying for breakfest should I under cook about 125 since I am frying ??
  2. java

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    have you cured it or are you making side pork?

    I usually cold smoke my bacon since it gets cooked before eating.
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    There is plenty of information on this site. Just search "Bacon" You'll find all sorts of info.
  4. Thanks
  5. Yes I salt cured for 7 days I have a Bradley smoker so I could cold smoke how long do you cold smoke yours than you for your reply
  6. java

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    I usually smoke mine for 12-14 hours but I just started curing 2 bellies today, when they are ready

    I am going to try 12-hours smoke, rest in fridge 24hrs then another 12hrs smoke.

    A friend of mine tried it this way and said it was really good.
  7. That sounds interesting and thats is cold smoking right?
  8. ak1

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    I hope you don't think I was blowing you off.

    The reason I posted what I did, is because there are many ways to make bacon. What smoker you have will make a difference as to how you do it. There are different cures( Cure#1, Tenderquick, ReadyCure...) all have specific methods of curing to achieve the same result. So, between the cure & the smoking method there are many variables as to how it can be done.
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    You say that you "salt cured" your belly. Did you use a curing salt that contains 6.25% sodium nitrite?

    If so, then cold smoke away. If not, then your belly is not cured safely for cold smoking. This is a general safety rule: no sodium nitrite = no cold smoking. You put yourself at risk of botulism if you violate this rule. There is a caviat to this, but since you live in Florida I don't think it would work for you anyway.

    If you didn't use a curing salt containing sodium nitrite, you can still hot smoke your bacon for a couple of hours to get some smoke taste on it. One way to do it is to set your smoker temp to 200 deg F and smoke for 2-3 hours to get to an internal temp of 150 deg F. At this point it is fully cooked and can be eaten as is, or you can let it cool down and sit in the frig overnight. Then you can slice it and fry it in the pan like regular bacon. A litle fat will have rendered off when you smoked it, but once you have fried it in the pan you won't notice too much difference in texture.
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  10. No didn't think that I understand thank you
  11. Thank you very much for your input

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