Pork belly costs?

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by billm75, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Hi Mike, Its me again,

    I just did a Bing search and found there is a Saars Market Place store in Seattle at 900 Rainier ave. so. Seattle, wa.  Phone # 206-725-0300

    Is that close enough for you to get to once in a while?

  2. mneeley490

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    Not really. I'll stick with C&C. I believe most grocery stores receive their bellies frozen anyway. Same with ribs.
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  3. smoker21

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    See all the past posts for belly prices.

    Does anyone have some current prices??

    I going to try bacon for the first time ))


  4. sound1

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    $2.45 yesterday
  5. smoker21

    smoker21 Meat Mopper

    Has anyone tried pork shoulder/butt instead of belly and if so how's it come out??

    They are both fatty and I can get pork butts anywhere.


  6. Yup that's buckboard bacon not belly bacon but it can be very good as well. There are lots of threads on here if you do a quick search...
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  7. You guys are really lucky to buy green pork belly cheaply.

    Here in Australia we pay around $ 10-12.00 per kilo if you are lucky. All these lunatic high end TV cooking shows are the cause for the inflated prices here.

    We now pay $ 8.50 per kilo for lamb shanks, I used to get them for nothing for my hunting dogs. Even pigs trotters cost a small fortune.

    I don't buy belly anymore as pork fore-quarter and hind legs are on special for $ 2.99 per kilo every 2 month. Try to explain that!!


  8. gersus

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    I scored a skin off belly this week from a butcher for $1.65! Woohoo! It's curing right now :)
    Normally I pay 2.59 or so.
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  9. smoker21

    smoker21 Meat Mopper

    Thanks Smoking B.

    Fresh belly prices around here seem to be about $4.00 a pound and I can get pork shoulder/butt for less than half that so I'll to give it a try.

  10.  Here IN El Paso, Texas last week $1.70 # in case lots, three sides, 39.6 #.

    Tom J
  11. fagesbp

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    I bought an 8# belly for 2.79 a pound from a mexican meat market here about a week ago. Another slaughterhouse had them for 2.39 a pound but were sold out before I got there. Both places I had to drive about 25 miles to get to.
  12. Smoker 21

    I have read a lot about using pork butts for bacon, all with great success.

    Tom J
  13. I have bought whole fore quarters and used part of it for bacon, cut about 1 1/2" to 2"thick.  Whole forequarter cost here on special $ 2.99 a kilo. Kept the pork butts and minced the rest for sausages.

    Pork bellies are too expensive here, up to $ 15.99 kilo thanks to some of these idiot cooking shows.

  14. 502meat

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    My local restaurant depot was $1.69 this past week.
  15. I don't buy pork bellies anymore, Backlegs and whole forequarters sell now for between $2.99-$3.99 kilo. I cut slabs off them to smoke as bacon now.

    Nobody complained yet!!!!!


  16. iowavan

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    I was looking forward to making bacon, found my butcher want @4 bucks a pound with the rind on. Started wondering why they will charge me as much or more than a pound of processed and packaged bacon. Seems the bellies should be more affordable without the labor and materials of processing them into bacon. Odd.
  17. The cost of pork bellies have increased a lot due to all the Chefs on TV. Buy a whole fore-quarter or butts and cut slabs of the outside with the rind on. They smoke very well.

    I will never be using belly pork ever again for bacon.

    Cheers Mate,

  18. mneeley490

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    See above for buck board bacon. It's getting too warm to do a decent cold smoke now anyway.

    Next pork butt I thaw out, I will slice off the top, about 2" below the fat layer, and brine for more bbb. I have yet to try a hot smoke on bacon, and that might be a cheap way of experimenting.
  19. The only "reasonable" place near Asheville, NC is M&M Freezer Locker in Hendersonville.  A couple of weeks ago I bought one almost 12 lb for $2.59/lb.  Our local "upscale" Chop Shop has local "heritage breed" belly for about $6.50/lb.  A little too steep for me, but better than their $12.00/lb in house cured bacon.
  20. bear55

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    I can get bellies for 2.39 - 2.99 per pound.

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