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  1. I need a recipe for preparing pork bellies in my smoker

    I have taken a 5 lb pork belly  and cut it in half into two 2 1/2 lb slabs. I scored the fatty side on both slabs and rubbed in coarse sea salt.  Both pieces of the pork belly  have been in the refrig since last night.  I did different things to each half of the pork belly.  With one slab after scoring it and salting it; I then made my pork butt marinade and rubbed that into the entire pork belly and let stand in a plastic bag overnight.  The other piece only is scored and salted and sitting overnight in a plastic bag. 

    I am now stuck-

    I was going to put both pieces of pork belly  in my smoker with some cherry & hickory wood @ 225F for about 2 hours.  I then was going to start to mop with my special BBQ sauce. I was planning to continue smoking and mopping with sauce until the pork bellies  are done and reach an internal temp of 180 or so.  I was going to let them rest on cutting board in a tented foil wrap so cooking would continue until 188-190F then they would be finished and ready to cut and serve.  I was going to serve well coated with my special BBQ sauce.

    I planned on serving the pork bellies with roasted vegetables in garlic and oil- Brussels sprouts, artichokes, onions, turnips, potatoes and tomatoes to cut the richness of the pork. 

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    Welcome Neighbor. I'm prepping my first buckboard bacon myself. Bass Pro Has the Hi-Mountain buckboard bacon kit, not sure if you can use it on a belly. I'm sure someone will chime in soon. [​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF be sure to stop in the Roll Call section and make a post about you and your equipment.

    Since the bellies that your doing are not cured you will need to hot smoke them to get them through the danger zone within the food safety rule standards. I have never hot smoked them so I'm not sure how your procedure will work I would say that your going to render a lot of the fat out of the bellies but with what your plans are that may not be a bad thing. I think the pork would be safe to eat at anything over 160 internal tho the 188-190 may result in better taste I honestly don't know. Good luck with it and take some Qview (pics) to post so we can all see how it comes out.

    You can use the Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon kits for pork bellies and they come out very good thats what I normally use.l
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    Now I'm with Jerry (pineywoods) on this one too. I have done bacon with pork bellies but I have heard of eating bellies as a meat for dinner but I have never done it. Now I would hot smoke it too and take it to about 165° or so. You should be good there I think. 

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