Pork back ribs for a Newbie

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by benayres, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Hello All:

       I just bought my first (and really inexpensive) vertical charcoal smoker (Brinkmann Gourmet Smoke'n Grill). I rushed home all excited "I'm go'na smoke meat" (a manly thing). I got out my ribs, prepared my dry rub, let them sit for a couple of hours, prepared the smoker (lump charcoal), lit 'er up, waited 20 minutes (as per the instructions), made sure that the thermometer stayed in the "IDEAL" zone and in 6 hours I had shoe leather. I know that I bought a cheap smoker but I didn't want to make an investment until I tried once or twice. I never had to top up the charcoal or water pan (in fact it stayed hot for a couple more hours afterwards). I didn't baste or spritz because I wanted to see how a basic smoking turned out....not good.

       I am still not running out to buy a more expensive smoker but does anyone have some suggestions for what I did wrong. I'm sure that I must be able to get better results than this (even with a cheap smoker). I assumed that with low heat and the moisture from the water pan that it would be virtually impossible to overcook my ribs....I was wrong.

        Please help.

  2. 3 words.  Too Much Heat.   Ignore the thermostat that came on the smoker.  Get yourself a digital thermo (can be had for $20 or less) and work on regulating your temps.  You want to keep in the 225 degree range for the duration of the smoke.  Check this site out for all the mods you can do to turn your ECB into a true smoking machine.  '

    And by the way... Welcome.
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    I agree! Ignore that them that comes with it. If you can order a new one or find a probe type you can put inside. Maybe try foiling the ribs too?
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    I've got the same smoker and use a digital thermometer and stick the probe through a potato I place on the cooking grate. The stock thermometer is junk and "ideal" is no where close to ideal.

    I also did a couple of mods like adding a grate to raise the charcoal off of the bottom of the smoker a little so the ash falls through. Also I added a metal slide so I can control the amount of air let in the vent in the bottom. Those two things have greatly improved my success with that smoker.
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    i've never had to cook any ribs for 6 hours.  good luck in the future

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