Pork back ribs, and boneless c/s ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by klutzyspuds, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. klutzyspuds

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    I have been smoking meats for a couple years, and have really had great results and rave reviews from friends. I started with a small multi fuel option for smoker that the wife bought me as a christmas present. Although there is nothing wrong with the little smoker that could, I had a hankering to upgrade. So, the other day, while shopping for a few other items, I wandered into the grills and found this little gem.:yahoo:

    Like a kid on Christmas morning, I have been itching to use my new toy, so on my home yesterday I swung through the local meat department and found a couple pork back ribs and a package of boneless country style ribs. I had seasoned the smoker earlier this week, so it was ready.

    I prepped the pork backs by removing the membrane, and rubbed them all with my own recipe, and soaked a mix of hickory, cherry and apple woods. Once the smoker was ready, everything went in. (Sorry, forgot to get a couple before picks.)

    Here is a shot from the smoker after foiling.

    Looking good at unfoiling, and a little while later, tonights dinner. (Final pics to come).
  2. Congrats on the new smoker, be waiting on final pics

  3. klutzyspuds

    klutzyspuds Meat Mopper

    The ribs

    And the boneless

  4. Looks Tasty,, good job

  5. klutzyspuds

    klutzyspuds Meat Mopper

    Thanks, Gary, tasted as good as they look. Not too bad for a first time rib try on a new setup.. only adjustment is maybe a few more minutes to set the sauce at the end.
  6. Again Nice job

  7. mike5051

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    Looks good!  How long do the country style ribs cook or to what IT.  I want to try them, just don't know the proper cook time/temp.

  8. klutzyspuds

    klutzyspuds Meat Mopper

    Thanks Mike. I ran a 2-2-1 on them at 225 smoker temp. (2 hrs smoke, 2hrs foiled and 1 hr unfoiled to set the bark) That seemed to work pretty well with the exception of they were a little dryer than I like. Not bad, but a little. My philosophy is try it and adjust from there. I watch my smoker temp closely, and haven't been disappointed yet, and usually it gets better with practice. I'm hardly the guy to get advice from, though, when there is so much info right here on this site.

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