Pork Baby Backs!!!

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  1. I went to the grocery store last night and they had baby backs on sale so I bought 3 racks! I froze two and I rubbed one with a new rub. It is brown sugar, paprika, garlic, cayenne, salt, black pepper, cumin, and a hot chile powder! I then put it in a pan and slowly filled it with apple juice and let it set over night. As I was preparing it this morning I gave it another good rub with the same stuff and put some fresh rosemary on it. It is going to slow smoke at 180. I am mopping it with some apple juice and finish it with BBQ sauce. Here are some pics and I will post more when they are done. I am using a mix of apple, mesquite, and hickory chips because the mesquite gives a nice strong smoke, hickory for a smooth solid smoke, and apple for a soft sweet smoke. I am pumped..



    Going to get some beer and hop in the pool until it is done.

  2. Crackin' a cold beer here to wait on the show! OK, the second cold beer. [​IMG]
  3. Man I am jealous! I still have not had a chance to crack one. I have been dealing with kids but they are now down for a nap and my Cubs are about to rough up the Yankees again so there is one in the near future! The ribs are looking good!

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    Ribs look good! Lets see the inside!
  5. How did the BB's come out?

  6. Guys they turned out awesome!!  I forgot to take a picture of the inside and I am sorry.  They did not last long enough to do it. 

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