pork baby backs overcooked?

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  1. i did two racks at about 3.7 lbs each. I put rub on it and stuck it on the smoker. maintained around 230 to 250 for about 3 hours. wrapped it up in foil with squeeze butter, honey and a little more rub. did not have brown sugar at the house. put it back on for about hour and half. temps went up to over  270 in this stage. had to rush for dinner. then stuck unwrapped and stuck it back on for about another hour. temps at 265 or less. spread some BBQ sauce on them during this stage. 

    THE PROBLEM: I know the ribs were done from bend test. almost broke in half from the test. so i know it was already overdone. bone was easily taken out. The middle pieces were great but the ends on both racks were dry and tougher. any recommendations?

    I am thinking i will try maybe 2 hours smoke, 2 hours foil, 1 hour smoke. Next time i will also make sure i have more time so i can keep temps lower and more steady. any advice?
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    Ouch! Baby backs should be 2 - 1.5 - 1  at 230 - 240 max . your ribs were close to done after 3 hrs . Learn to control your temps and drop down to the times i listed, 
  3. Thanks eman! so im guessing the 3-2-1 is a guideline for thicker ribs
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    Or use no foil. I get loin back ribs, they take about 4 hours at 275.
  5. Fisher, 3-2-1 is usually a guideline for spares, baby backs are usually 2-2-1. Remember these times are not set in stone, you may have to adjust your cook times depending on the temps. I try to do baby backs between 250* and 275* and have done them 2.5 - .75 - .5 and were great and other times I have done 3 - 1.5 - .5. It just depends on temperature, weather and the cut of meat.
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  6. great info thanks!
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    3-2-1 - 3-1.5-1 for untrimmed spares
    3-1-1 for trimmed spares
    3-1-1 for BB's
    Approx 235-250°
    Just a general guideline for my stick Burner.
    Go with your gut next time... if they look done from the bend test...pull'em
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  8. trimmed spares equivalent to st louis?
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    As noted by others above, these timings are meant as guidelines.   Times will change based on thickness of the slabs, chamber temps, temps swings, humidity, wind, temp of meat when you put it on the smoker, personal tastes (fall off the bone or slight tug?), yada, yada, yada.
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  10. appreciate it!

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