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    On a recent trip to New York City we stopped into a small place with maybe 5 seats and ate a sandwiches that was out of this world. They had a hunk of meat that they called a porchetta. I tried to talk to recipe out of the guy behind the counter and this is what I got:

    First I cured a pork bellie (small chunk) and then seasined it with some herbs from the garden. Basil, Rosemary, Oragamo, and some garlic gloves. This was all done and then smoked to perfection over some applewood.


    [​IMG]This was all sliced and eaten for dinner and dinner, and dinner...........


    Now for the final pictures. There's only one for I was told to cut this thing by the family. They saw it and was really ready to try it. So was I and here we go:


    Enjoy We Did,

  2. boykjo

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    that looks delicious mark...............and huge.........I am not understanding the small chunk of bellie though

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  4. chef jimmyj

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    Porchetta, has been a fav since I was a little kid...Yours looks awesome...JJ
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    yummy i love Porchetta
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    I'm with Jimmy!

    Porchetta has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.  I ordered a premix, and was very disappointed in the results.  There are many variations of Porchetta, and the one I like has lots of fennel seed in it.  Also, we cook it to 200° and pull it.

    Just shows how different parts of the U.S. use different variations of the same recipe

    What's your recipe?

    Looks like more fresh herbs and spices

    Looks Awesome Mark!

  7. mballi3011

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    First off Joe the bellie is whole just a small piece maybe 2-3 pounds. I took a piece of loin and bellie maybe 6-7" long. I took the skin off of it but I wouldn't do it again. The skin will help hold in some of the dripping fat. Keep the drippings there are some of the best gravy makins that I have had in years. I got the recipe from the website of the restaurant we ate in. WWW. porchetta.com and it's all there. Kind A Now

    Todd I did use fresh herbs from our garden. I just layed them out in lines Oregano, Rosemary, and Basil all whole and un-cut in lines. Now I did have some purple basil flowers that I put on top  and then just thusted (tied) the whole thing together. The flavor was out of this world and something that should be held up there with the "Fattie" n the "Gators". So try it all of you out there you won't be sorry.
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    I saw an episode or Diners, Drive ins and dives and they showed a place that served sandwhichs like this!!  I have been searching to find a recipe but haven't found it yet.  Yours looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!
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    Speaking of regional differences...The Porchetta I had growing up came from No. East PA near Scranton...It was made of a Fresh Ham that was boned out then Stuffed with a Ton of Chopped Garlic, Dill, some Rosemary, S & P and BREAD CRUMBS...The whole thing was Rolled and Tied, Roasted and Chilled...The Store Sliced and sold it by the Pound as Lunch Meat for Sandwiches.

    I miss that stuff...I can get Close but that Butcher's was just Better...The Man... Tommy Zelna... and His store are long gone now...I sure could go for one of them Sammies!...JJ
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  10. nicely done, forgive my ignorance but what is porchetta
  11. chef jimmyj

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    Shawn, it is a Centuries old Italian Seasoned Roast Pork, sold everywhere in Italy as Street Food...Can be made from Parts, Ham, Butt,Etc...or Whole Pig...One cool way is as above Loin wrapped in Belly and Smoked or Roasted at High Heat, 500+*F, until the Skin is Crisp and the loin IT is 145*F...Good stuff...JJ
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    Dude that is awesome
  13. bearcarver

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    I heard of it, but never had it.

    I can easily tell by seeing the one you made that it would surely be on it's way to the top of my favorites list, in a hurry !!!

    Thanks for the Great Views!

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    I've never had Porchetta before, but yours is a thing of beauty.

    It looks absolutely delicious!

    Great job Mark!
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    ok... so it is a loin wrapped with a belly...... awesome......................[​IMG]
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    Ive eaten it here[​IMG]  & Italy.My butcher sometimes does it with a whole piglet maybe 10kg bones it seasons it with fennel seed ,salt gbp,garlic ,rosemary then ties it up with string .Then it goes in an electric pizza oven that he has at back of shop. It is then sliced on the meat slicer cold,very popular in the summer here.

    In Italy Ive bought it from a van with big gas burners,on a rotating spit one hell of a hot job manning it. They do big pigs,serve it warm as a panino. It seemed at big markets they would always be there in regional towns,you could smell it from the moment you got out of the car. The guys doing the cooking must smell like pork for days after,could be worse[​IMG]

    Ive done a version of it in my wood fired oven but due to a mix up the wrong free range pig came down from the farm,I asked for 10kg got 24kg or 55 pounds . Iwas one tired chef after pulling that pig out of the oven every 20 min to baste it for 4 hours.Re arrange fire turn pig around wrap in foil etc. Had  a lot of left overs but nobody was complaining.

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