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Discussion in 'Curing' started by pops6927, Aug 30, 2011.

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    It will reach equilibrium and then basically stop.  I have not found that 3-4 weeks tastes any different than 2 weeks.
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    came across a deal on a pork picnic last month at a steal...so I used this cure to make the boss lady the ham she asked me to do.. Man, it came out awesome! Then I used the ham bone and meat scraps to do some awesome pinto beans last week! Thanks Pops for the recipe!!!!! Will surely be in my recipe book from now on!
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    Most of us on this website will be ever indebted to POP'S for what he has shared.  He sort of started a movement of wet curing that was very easy.
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    I apologize for not reading the 243 previous post so I hope this has not been asked. Printed out the recipe and gave it to the Boss.....first thing she said is which brown sugar is needed, light or dark? I will now sulk back to my corner and hide....
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    Either will work.
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    Thank You
  7. hey pops i sent you a pm
  8. Pops, you stated in another post that you hot smoke all of your bacon. Can you share at what temp please?
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     be nice to hear what temp you use for back bacon too, please.

    also, is there any taste or texture difference from different concentrations of cure?

    can you taste the difference between 1 n 3 tablespoons?
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    18 lbs. of pork for some Buckboard Bacon. This is my first attempt a using the wet cure method. More pics to come in just over 10 days.
  11. Be waiting and watching.   You been doing OK ?

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    Yes. Thanks for asking. Went right back to work after getting back and haven't had too much free time. Overtime is prettymuch done so I can get back to smokin more :)
  13. Glad to see you back around here

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    I previously posted this question in the "Pork Section" of the forum-Moved it here since the question pertains to Pops Wet Cure....hopefully someone will chime in...

    After reading up here and other smoker forums I decided to join this forum, (1st post here).  I found Pops6927's experience and insight especially insightful, him being raised around meats and smoking to be the most reliable source for me since I wanted tried and tested, authentic curing and smoking.

    To the point.

    I'm wet curing a pork butt and belly as we speak. Plan on smoking.

    I'm using  wet cure brine (#1 powder) Pops6927's way, injected, and stuck an 8 lb. butt in a pail. And a 5 lb. belly, (not injected) in another pail. My intention is (was)  to follow Pops method of 14 days and then into the smoker. 

    I put everything into the brine on the 6th (March), figuring I'd smoke on the 20th (14 days in brine). The problem is that I forgot I'm going out of town the weekend of the 20th and I'll be back the 22nd (16 days brine).

    According to Pops over curing is not a problem. But I'm not clear about under curing.

    Can anyone elaborate for me on the effect of smoking the butt and belly earlier than 14 days, like 10 days? I'm thinking it is not a problem at 10 days since I injected the butt.

    The Question:

    Is it smokable at 10 days or less, (will I be giving up flavor-safety), or should I just leave everything in the brine until I get back, (16 Days)?

    Below is my plan.

    Smoke BELLY to 145* IT and slice it thin for Bacon.

    Smoke BUTT to 200*--205* IT and pull it like Pulled Pork

    Smoke BUTT, between 145* and 200* and slice it for Sliced Butt Ham.

    Thanks Up Front for any insight. And I promise to post some pics of the smoke.
  15. I would leave it for the extra time in the brine. I have two hams that have been injected and now soaking in pops brine. I am aiming for 28 days. Now I know the ham is larger, so more time. If you pull it early, the is a chance the cure hasn't penetrated as deeply or as thoroughly as it needs to. Risk is areas of under cured, or not yet cured bits of meat. Others with more experience and knowledge should be along to explain better.
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    I don't know I'd take a belly to 145. Thats a bit high and you will see a bit of rendering. You'll also have carry over with higher smoking temps also.

    With a well watched low temp smoker I am most happy when I stay below 130 degrees on my cure smokes. You might consider a double smoke. Its would put your hams over the top and allow you the opportunity to get some low temp smoke on them the first go around.

    Then the second smoke you could slowly bring them up to cooking temp without the bacon's involvement. AND the hams with a double smoke are totally awesome and still allow the ability to do some fancy cooking like maybe a nice fruit glaze (peach or satsuma being my favorites). My sister who doesn't like Dr.Pepper uses it as a foiling sauce for lack of a better term, and its a taste bud pleaser!
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    I fully cook  to 145° - I know my boys will 'nibble' without additional frying, lol!
    again, 145°.  I can taste a difference myself, it is saltier and has a more chemical taste.
    Sounds great to me!
    Definitely your choice; I err on the side of caution as i am cooking for others than me, and cannot trust they will exercise the same cautions that I do (they love to nibble...). lol!

    -  Pops 
  18. smoke-ee

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    I'll leave it in the brine till I return on Day 16 thanks.
    Thanks Pops

    These IT look ok?

    Smoke BELLY to 145* IT and slice it thin for Bacon.

    Smoke BUTT to 200*--205* IT and pull it like Pulled Pork

    Smoke BUTT, between 145* and 200* and slice it for Sliced Butt Ham.
    Thanks. Since I plan on sharing with my neighbors I'll probably want to get the bacon to 145.....I'm fearful someone's going to get ill, but I followed the Wet Brine recipe to the T. I'm wondering though because you brought up a good idea about double smoking....my intention was to do exactly that, it all goes in at once to 145 Bacon and Butt when Bacons done at 145 it goes out and I raise the heat. As far as double smoking a 10 lb butt @ 2 hours a Lb is about 20 hours. Do you do a 12 hour smoke bring it in the house and the next day finish it 8 hours or so?
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    thanks, pops.
  20. foamheart

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    Since its cured, it can handle an inital 4 to 6 hour low and slow smoke. The back in the reefer. The ham will afterwards still be raw but have a good smokie coating. Then the next day you can take it up while smoking to your desired cooked temp while applying more smoke doing it. Bearcarver is a master of the technique.


    Since I can't see where you live I can't make any exact suggestions of type but with all that smokie goodness it can easily stand a glaze.  Maybe a maple peach or a kumquat bourbon, what ever is locally available is always best to strat with because peoples taste buds are already liking those tastes. These are all just some ideas. Check out the Bear's ideas too.

    I will always defer to Pops on nearly any part of what he recommends on the boards, I don't know about his gumbo or sweet tater pie though. Its always better to be safe with food and leave no mistakes which can to be made. I just like the texture better with raw bacon. It may also be why mine burns so darn bad.

    One thing I do different than Mr Bear's I score or criss-cross the skin and fat instead of removing it, I like that golden nector basting it while also affording a great place for the glaze hold on to. My mouth is watering now.
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