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  1.  Hey Pop's: I can't thank you enough for the brine! Everything I make turns out GREAT.

    When you do turkeys say 12 to 14 pounds, how long do you leave them in? I read your post from a few years ago and I think I got 3 days or is it 4? Will a longer time make it to salty or will it only take in just so much?

    I will be slicing 4 pork loins made into Canadian Bacon(my second batch) this afternoon.

    The last Buckboad was so good, never had bacon like that before!

    My new smoker is working fantastic. Thanks for all the info from you and all the gang on the fourm. Clayt
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    Just wanted to say a big thank you!  I know this is a smoking forum, but the discovery of this brine has made me crazy!

    I'm a Brit ex-pat and been in the US for over 30 years and always had the cravings for "real" Brit bacon - ie from the loin.  And apart from some trips overseas and some unsuccessful attempts at on-line bacon, it's been a bacon desert.

    A few of the ex-pats got together last year to raise some pigs - another joy.  Our latest pigs went to the butchers a few weeks ago.  The taste of the meat was unrecognisable from anything store bought.  Which then led to the research that led to this amazing thread.

    First experiments were with a store bought loin - couldn't risk the home raised pork on an experiment...

    To cut a long story short, our group has enjoyed boiled bacon (and cabbage), fried bacon - with fat and no strange white substances leaking out in the pan, hocks for the pea soup, brined trotters and next week moving onto bacon spare ribs which will be brined and then boiled.  Would like to try the belly pork into what Brits call streaky bacon, but the only thing I'm missing is a contact with a good meat slicer.

    I made some minor adjustment to the recipe, but this is pure gold.  Cumberland sausage is my next research [​IMG]

    My family thanks you - as well as the ex-pats group in Keene, NH.

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  4. paulcaseyjr

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    My bad!

    Problem is when something comes out of the pan, it's devoured, followed by the thought "should have taken a picture of that"!!!  All that's left is a big smile...

    Next time!

  5. paulcaseyjr

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    So here was the loin as it came out of the pan last night.  Seems like the cure was all the way through and consistent.

    And more to the point was excellent - just managed to save 2 slices for today's lunchtime sandwich ;)

  6. reinhard

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    That's Pop's brine at work !!!  Great job on the Canadian Bacon!!.  Reinhard
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    I didn't hear from anyone on my question about combining different proteins in the same curing pot (3 days ago, last post on page 9), so the turkey and loin for the Canadian bacon are swimming in the same pool. 
  8. Dr K, I'm no pro and hopefully this response will give you a bump so the smarter people will respond. With that said, I can't see why this would be an issue. Both proteins are in a Cure brine so there shouldn't be an issue of cross contamination. The only thing I might do is move the pieces around each day to make sure if any parts that are touching the bottom or each other get exposed to the brine equally like the rest. Good luck!
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    I had asked the same question several years ago. I had beef and pork that I wanted to do at the same time. It wasn't recommended to mix. I'll have to look for the post. I think I actually PM'd Pops on it.

    Just went through my PM's and Pop's answer was not to mix different meats in the brine.

    You probably should PM him and see what he says about your pork and chicken mixture.
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  10. dr k

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    I thought it would be ok to combine the turkey and the pork loin in the same container, being in a cure. I posted my original question while the turkey was thawing in the fridge, but had to make an unaided decision after the turkey thawed.  Ten pages of posts on this thread with no response to a question after four days of silence surprised me.  Especially when pork is going to sit in a nitrite solution for 11 days after the turkey is removed.  Maybe this was a trivial question not worth a response.  Anyway,  rgautheir20420 you win.  Thank you for your response.

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    Send pops a pm.   He will gladly answer.

    Maybe nobody knew the answer and didn't want to give you bad info.
  12. Awesome! My bump worked and smarter people came along. Life is about learning new things....right?
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    I do Dry curing with TQ, and I don't usually even put more than one piece of anything in my individual bags.

    However Like me most people would be guessing at how to answer your question, I would guess it would be OK, but a question like yours shouldn't be answered with a guess.

    Soooooo---------Like Adam said, "Send Pops a PM with your question".

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    Dr K, I don't think you'll have an issue curing different proteins in the same brine as long as you follow the cure times for each individual protein. i.e just because you put turkey & pork in at the same time, doesn't mean they can come out at the same time. The only issue I can see is flavour transfer between the two.
  15. pops6927

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    I sincerely apologize for my failure in answering, contracted a flu bug and computer is in the wrong room (ahem).  

    Normally, I would not recommend it, but if they were both fresh and under refrigeration, it can be done successfully.  Just make sure you cook to an internal temp of 160° on both as a precaution.  You can also change your brine after you remove the turkey, too, which I would recommend, to finish curing the pork loin.   Thank you so much again for your frustrating time waiting, and feel free to PM me at a moment's notice.
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    Ok, Why not? 

    Not trying to be a pain, but trying to understand the reasons.

    Why would it matter if I made 5 gallons of brine and threw in a turkey or two, and a few pork bellies or loins....all are covered. I take the turkey out after a few days, but keep the pork in for another few weeks.
  17.  As Pops said, the pork would need to be cooked to 160° due to cross contamination for safety. Otherwise it would only need to be cooked to 145°. I suppose that would be the biggest concern.

  18. ak1

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    Ok, I understand, thanks.
  19. dr k

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    Pops wanted an update after I sent him a PM on combining different proteins in the same curing vessel.  I quoted my posts above in the order I posted them for those that aren't familiar with my original question.  Long story short, cure meats of a specie in it's own vessel to eliminate cross contamination especially if they have different minimum finishing temps (whole turkey 165*F vs. Pork loin 145*F.)  That being said, both meats should be cooked to 165*.  The turkey was cooked to 170*F to make sure the joints had no visible blood and the pork was just under 165*F.  Everything was tasty and the pork wasn't dry as I expected.  This was my first time for curing Turkey and will be cured before smoking from now on based on the results.

    Pork and turkey in the same vessel

    Smoked turkey for 4hrs. with apple wood then placed in a clear Reynolds oven bag till 170*F

    Cold smoked pork loin with Pecan pellets in my 12" AMNTS for Canadian bacon, eggs and cheese for 4hrs. before removing cheese and eggs and hot smoking the pork with pecan chunks till done.

    Canadian bacon.

    Happy Halloween!


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