Polska Kielbasa Wedzona - 10 pounds

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    I love kielbasa.   I grew up on the stuff, and wasn't satisfied with what I can find around here.  So, it was time to make my own.  Credit for the recipe goes to Hank Shaw, and if you google Shaw Kielbasa you should find it easily.  Here is the recipe I used, doubled:
    • 4 pounds pork, wild boar, bear, venison, etc
    • 1 pound pork fat (fatback or shoulder fat)
    • 36 grams kosher salt
    • 5 grams cure #1
    • 5 grams ground black pepper
    • 3 grams dried marjoram
    • 10 grams sugar
    • 6 garlic cloves, minced, (ended up being about 40 grams)
    • Hog casings
    Shaw adds ice water during mixing, but I didn't.  

    First up was to mash the garlic.  I love using a mortar and pestle to create a paste, which helps really spread the garlic evenly throughout the sausage.  I used some of the salt that I had already measured out for the sausage to help create the paste.

    Much better.

    The rest of the seasonings were then measured out.

    I recently did 35 pounds of bacon, and when I was squaring up the bellies before curing, I saved the fat.  So for this kielbasa, I used belly fat instead of fatback.  

    Cubed up, and headed to the freezer for a little while before grinding.

    I ran it through the grinder once using the fine plate, and also ran it for about a minute using the paddle attachment.  Then I placed it all into a container to sit overnight in the fridge to give the cure and seasonings a chance to do their thing.

    The next day I stuffed them, and I was aiming for long links somewhere in the neighborhood of 20" and 1 pound each.  

    I ended up with 10 links, which was good because I originally had 10 pounds of sausage.  

    I firmed them up, pricked air pockets, and then tied the links into a loop.

    Into the smoker!

    (1) 110 degrees for one hour, no smoke

    (2) 140 degrees for one hour, smoking with wine barrel pellets, lit at two ends

    (3) 160 degrees for one hour, smoking with wine barrel pellets, lit at two ends

    (4) Bump up to 175 degrees, still with smoke, until the sausages hit an IT of 154

    (5) Pulled from smoker, into ice water bath, then hung for a bit to bloom to a darker color

    Looking good!

    The following morning it was time to cook some up for breakfast.


    I like this recipe, and will continue using it.  The store bought stuff will no longer cross through my door!
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  2. When it comes to pricking the air pockets, does any of the forcemeat leak out of the hole that remains????

    Just an fyi, your crushed garlic and salt mixture, some people will add a drained anchove and crush them all together and then mix into vinegar.  Allowed to set a bit, the mixture is blended with olive oil to make a salad dressing.  Otherwise the salt and garlic mixture is then crushed with an egg yolk to use as a dipping sauce.  (I know that this is off-topic.)   8)
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    I'm going to move in next door to you.
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    Kielbasa looks great................ Nice job
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     Not really.  The heat causes the casing to shrink a little and closes the gap.   It seems to work out okay.
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    Nice looking sausage! I had been wondering about fresh verses granulated use of garlic in sausage.

    Thanks for enlightening me.
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    Oh my. This looks so good. Great post with great instructions. Thank you!


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