Poll: Water Pan or not in reverse flow

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by busmania, May 18, 2015.

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    In a different thread there was talk about steam and water pans.  I feel bad hijacking that thread so I thought I would start one solely on my question.  Since I built my reverse flow, I have used a water pan thinking it is the same idea as a regular side box smoker.  I am learning now some do not use a water pan, which I find interesting.  Honestly, the water pan is a pain to get ready for me so I have considered not using it.  What do you do?

    Water pan or not in a reverse flow? 
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  3. schwest

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    I have always done well without the water pan, with a reverse flow you are not directly above the heat source and run cooler. Good fatty meat is a great way to avoid the need for water..
  4. smokejumper

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    One of the reasons for setting the distance of the first cooking grate above the RF plate at 3" to 5" is to take advantage of the radiant heat from the RF plate.
    Putting a water pan on top of the RF plate will block that radiant heat.
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      Long time Lurker and First time poster.  I am wondering if you have a tank style cooker if you can use the FB end to hold the water for the steaming action.  But use SS tubing to direct the steam into the CC instead of it going up the exhaust.  I like to use water even if I do have fatty meat.  Dan
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    I've read of guys having a lip on both sides of the RF plate then closing their drain valve and just filling the RF plate with water. To me it seems like it would take FOREVER to get the smoker up to cooking temp this way. I'm new to all this (still building the smoker) but it seems like with RF smokers nobody is having trouble with dry meat. I've been using a vertical masterbuilt for a few years and have always used water in it cause there is a pan for it. I cant wait to get this thing built and see how she works.
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    Half the fun is trying new things and ideas.  You will have to always try what works for you.  Remember every pit has its own personality, just like us.  Having fun and good fellowship is always my goal.  
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    There are several ways off the top of my head to make steam either in, on, or next to the firebox and pipe it into the CC. It is still gonna go up the exhaust though.

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