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Discussion in 'Pork' started by mr parx, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. mr parx

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    Greetings, All!

    I'm hosting a poker night, expecting about 10 guests, and thought I'd try some ideas I had about ribs.  I rubbed and wrapped them last night, left in the fridge, and got started about an hour ago.  I picked up 3 racks on super-sale, for $1.99 lb.  I have the ECB, and have not made a lot of investment in accessories, as you will see.  The beagle is patiently awaiting the fruits of my labor. 

    The ribs were only mostly thawed yesterday when I washed, de-membraned, and dried them, applied rub (Tony Chachere's and chilli-garlic powder), and wrapped them up. (Next time, I think I'll leave the membrane on)

    Space limitations and lack of rib rack led to this first bad idea (if you don't count not fully thawing)

    Then, my version of the AMZN smoker box, a couple of cut open beer cans, filled with apple chips, and placed under the coal rack.

    I guess I'll need to cook that paint off first, so I don't poison anyone. 

    Water in the pan, coals out of the chimney, ribs-in-the-round are in.  Check back in a few hours.

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    Nice start Parx!

  3. mr parx

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    Thanks, Al!  

    I wish I had seen your post before yesterday.  Looks like your system is solid.  I'll apply what I can from yours to mine.  Stay tuned!
  4. Lookin good so far:)luv the amazin smoker idea
  5. mr parx

    mr parx Fire Starter

    Three hours later, by now I've added a second chimney of coals, and a third can of wood chips.  The Mrs. called me from the store, so what the heck, I had her pick up four pounds of wings and some apple juice.

    I made some foil socks for my rib circles, poured the apple juice down the center:

    Some more juice in the getting-dry water pan, and top off with the wings (now on for ~1 1/2 hours)

    2 more hours and we'll check back.


  6. mr parx

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    Thanks, NSOM1!  We'll see how it turns out in about 3 more hours.  I'm still deciding whether to glaze and sear, for the bark, or just sear and serve with sauce on the side.  

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  8. mr parx

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    Outstanding!  Higher Praise I cannot conceive.  Thanks!

  9. mr parx

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    The wings have come off, and the grill is heating up for a skin-sear before saucing, foiling, toweling and coolering. The ribs are at ~ 150, so they have a ways to go.  I opened them up, in case that helps.  Looks like I'm going to have to sit out a few hands when it comes time to sear those.  I slopped a little spicy bbq sauce with some maple syrup stirred in, and I hope that will be sufficient to get a bark on them.  

    C'mon, Ribs!  Get cookin'!

  10. mr parx

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    Well, everything got eaten. The ribs were delicious but not as tender as I would have liked. Probably needed another hour after all. Wings were fantastic. I use a blend of buffalo, sriracha chili, and Famous Dave's spicy BBQ sauces. Maybe 3 ribs and a few wings left.

    Cheers, thanks for coming along for the ride!

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