Poison food.

Discussion in 'Common Vegetables' started by ltslewis, May 13, 2010.

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    That's Nuts, I mean literally. [​IMG]
  2. That is very interesting info, most of those I didn't even have a clue about. Thanks for the article.
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    That was an interesting read thank you
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    The leaves on Rhubarb are also poisonous... So are the seeds in Peaches and Apricots as they contain Cyanide.
  5. Actually, peach and apricot seeds contain an arsenic compound called vitamin B-17. Many people believe it has cancer fighting qualities. My black lab came down with bone cancer 2 years ago and 6 weeks to live. I bought a bag of apricot seeds online for 15 bucks and fed them to her. Shes hanging out in the back yard right now. She still has a gimp but the tumor shrunk a bunch. Google B-17 and check it out. God has a cure for everything.
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    Sixty-one years old and I should be dead, ...we had an almond tree in the back yard and from the time I was a child until I left home at 18 my dad would collect 6-7 gunny sacks full of almonds every year, we ate every single one of them raw.

    Kinda hard to believe the almond thing.


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