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  1. as a newbie I see points...what are they for (I can guess) but want correct assumption... how are they earned and can I get an aw crap and get de-pointed!!!
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    Look right below every post to the right and you will see a "Thumbs Up" icon. Anyone can click on that and it will give you a point, also they can write a comment about why they gave you a point. You can not have points taken away. Most of us don't put much stock in these points because they really aren't a good indication of anything. I have a lot of points but most of them are from people who I said Hi to in Roll Call, why they give me points for saying Hi I don't know!
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    Nicely put S2k9k!
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    Dave, that's because we all like you so I'm giving you a Thumbs Up. :biggrin:
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  5. Also, I've given points to "bookmark" recipes and helpful information I've run across. Because under your profile page you can look up who you've given points to, very handy IMO.
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    You can also "Subscribe" to threads and they will all be listed in your "Subscriptions".
  7. thanks for the info...good smokin with ya!...
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    There was a slightly different "point" system before the Great Crash of (whatever year).  I had 3 which made me feel good about contributing to this forum.  Then I read that some of posts from some of the old timers, basically one who was verbose, that were here.  They accused the newer people of cheating/hacking the point system, since they had been here forever and accumulated not many points.

    Politics and BBQ ... guess they don't mix either.
  9. gots me politics locked in the closet...time n place for it ... and messin with my cookin aint it!!!...

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