Plum Tree ?? what kind

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  1. daveomak

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    Along the frontage road are a bunch of trees. Mostly flowering crabs. There is this one tree that has what appears to be "yellow plums". Not a readily familiar variety. I am wondering if the "main" fruit tree died and this is growing from root stock. The fruit is almost sweet with an acidic twang. It will ripen in about a week. Very juicy and not too meaty as far as plums go.  Not the type of plum I would grow if given the choice.

    Any takers on a guess as to variety.?????????

    They are about "quarter" in size and prolific as all get out and only grow along the main branches that are maybe 2 years old.


  2. roller

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    You lucky dog...great looking Plum tree. If you thin the plums to about half the rest will grow larger...
  3. daveomak

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    Roller, evening.... Thinning would be good.... but.... this tree has thorns about 2" long.... I can't hardly harvest it....  but they are good.......  I should learn how to make wine.... I like wine... and ... and......     

  4. roller

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    Dave take a cane pole and put a 18in. piece of rubber garden hose on the end of it and beat the branches when the plums are very young. Doing it this way you want have to get up into the tree and thin as many as  you want off...A good time to do this is when the tree starts to thin itself you will start to s plums on the ground..Then give it a whoppin...
  5. roller

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    Plum wine is good I have 5 gallons going right now...mine is dark red..
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    Dang those are going to be tasty
  7. Dave, Those are Shiro Plums. Very popular in France.

    Mark   mac13
  8. daveomak

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    Mark, morning and thanks..... I've looked up plums everywhere.... couldn't find any that were a match....  Now I know..... Dave 
    That is it !!!!! I took this pic from google...   Amazing....

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  9. roller

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    It is one fine looking  plum tree..What I have just read about them says there a Japanese plum...
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  10. My parents use to have two plum trees in their front yard. I sure hated mowing around them because of the thorn type branches but I sure loved eating them. One of them died off and the other one isn't doing so well now. You can make all kinds of good stuff with those plums. I bet that wine is wonderful!
  11. My Plum Tree is "yellow plumed" also known as "italian plum tree". My family, neighbor, and I wait for the fruit every year. We make Jam, Juice, Smoothies, Shake, Bubble Tea...ext.It's special because where I live this fruit is not sold in stores. So even some store owners buy the plums from us but we just give it away. leaves a lot of mess and brings a lot of unwanted bugs.[​IMG]
  12. daveomak

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    Evening Lidia and welcome to the forum....  I'm gonna have to do something with them....  Maybe a sauce for pork chops from the jam....   Stay tuned... It will be August probably.....    Dave
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    Hi Lidia!  Noticed that this is your first post here on SMF!  Would you pop over to Roll Call and introduce yourself?  We will give you a proper howdy!


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