Plug and Play PID HELP needed!!

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  1. So I just received my Auber Dual probe PID controller for my Bradley digital smoker. I set it up to do my first pulled pork for the super bowl but having issues. I hooked it all up and had it set for 220, probe looked like it was reading temp right and slowly climbing for the pre heat, went inside a bit and heard the alarm going off which I set to 280, it was still showing that it was powering the heater while this was happening, I opened the door to cool it down but would never stop showing High alarm. Now it will only display H as if its not hooked up. Is this just a bad probe? I swapped the probes and the meat one reads fine. Tried hooking it up for just a smoker temp to at least control that with the one probe but wont turn on the heating element. Any help would be much appreciated.


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