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    My daughter is physically challenged and has been able to take part in sports because of a fantastic organization. That organization is called Dreams in Motion. They are in a competition against 6 other non-profit organizations for a $15,000 grant. We need your votes!! It really only 2 seconds to vote, it takes 2 clicks! So please take a second to help my daughter out by clicking the link is below! The link will redirect you to a facebook page. Voting ends tomorrow and it has been quite the race thus far. Thanks!

    Here's their mission statement:

    Dreams in Motion

    Primary Mission: Provides recreational and sporting opportunities for people ages 2 to 25 who have mobility challenges or visual impairments and their families and friends Beneficial Services: Improvement of their website; promotion of a Community Day, which fulfills one requirement for becoming a Para-Olympic organization

    Just click on this link and Check the box for DREAMS IN MOTION.

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    I wish this were a topic related to smoking, but that will have to wait for now. The Christmas ham and turkey smoking will start on Tuesday!
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    Done.  Good luck.
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    Today is the last day, guys. Aubrey would really appreciate your votes! We are only down by 20 votes right now, but we'll need to keep them coming in steadily throughout the day. If you don't have a facebook account, please pass this on to anyone you know that does. It only takes a second to vote. For those that voted yesterday, you can vote once every 24 hours, so please vote again if at all possible. Thanks SMF community!

    Merry Christmas

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