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Discussion in 'Beef' started by hamzter, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Tomorrow morning I will start the coals early for the crowd in the evening.

    do these times sound ok?

    Brisket - 10 hours

    Beef Ribs - 6 ish hours?

    so here is my planned schedule:

    0600ish start the coals

    0700ish put the brisket in.

    noonish put the ribs in.

    will this schedule work?
  2. How many pounds is the brisket? Point or flat or both?
  3. A little more info would help, how many lbs. is your beef? If your planning on eating it for dinner, it probably will NOT be done, nature of the beast![​IMG] good luck and post pics[​IMG]
  4. I am such a newbie...[​IMG]

    Ok, I think the brisket is about 9-12lbs. and right now I have one rack of beef ribs, but will most likely get another 2 racks. To break in the Brinkman Smokin' Pit I am cooking up some marinated chicken tonight. Should I start the brisket late tonight instead?

    I keep reading about putting the brisket in the fridge after cooking... That is new to me, but I am for trying anything out.

    as for the Ribs, they should cook for about 6 hours right, I mean the 3-2-1 method adds up to 6 hours...

    Sorry I am so new to the art form...

    but thank you all for your help.
  5. the beef ribs, i've been doing 2-2-1 @225-250 degrees & they work out fine. just remember the more you load up the more fuel ya need to keep it hot & as that chamber looses heat fast everytime you open it ya should (if ya don't have 1) get a digital thermometer w/ dual probes.
  6. brennan

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    I think you're on to something with putting the brisket in over night. The general rule of thumb is to plan 1.6 hours/lb. In the case of a brisket, it may take up to 2 and 6 hours longer than that due to the temp plateauing on you. Last weekend I did a 3.5 lb brisket so I planned on about 8 hours to smoke it. I thought it would be plenty of time but the meat plateaued for so long it ended up taking me 12 hours to smoke it.
  7. pigcicles

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    It is usually a rule of thumb to figure your brisket to be about 1.5 hrs per pound plus a little extra for the stall and cool down period. It has been noted that some will use 1.6 hrs per pound plus 2 to 4 hrs. Some meat will cook faster than others. Some won't stall, some will stay there for hours on end. Always cook by temperature not time. Remember it's done when it's done.

    The ribs will take 5 to 6 hrs to cook plus some time to rest.

    Start early, you can always heat back up. It's hard to eat when the food isn't done.

    Keep Smokin
  8. Should I cook the brisket in the GOSM first and then move it over to the BSP?
  9. pigcicles

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    I've cooked many briskets in my GOSM from start to finish. It's all up to you. If you are breaking in the new smoker you will want to have the extra time to watch the temps. You may get temp spikes or drop offs that will affect the way the brisket will cook.

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