Please clarify some things about Beef Short Ribs

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    I have been wanting to try smoking some Beef Short Ribs for quite some time now but have been having trouble getting the people at the market to understand what I want. For example, when I went to Costco I asked for Beef Short Ribs and they directed me to something that looked like these:

    When in reality I had in mind something more like these:

    Now I finally managed to talk to some people who seem to know what they were talking about and they told me that what I was looking for was what they call "Bone In Beef Short Ribs". Can anyone confirm this?  I ended up finding a butcher near my house who does custom cuts of beef and seemed pretty knowledgeable and he sold me these:

    My question is, are the ribs in the above photo the same cut of meat as the ones in the second photo?  If so, then how come the bone is showing in the Short Ribs in the second photo and not in the ones in the third photo? Is it just the way they were cut?
  2. The 2nd photo where the bone is showing is because as the meat cooks it pulls back and exposes the bone. Most ribs are like that, in fact many people use the "pull back" as a gauge for doneness.
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  4. The first pic looks like cross cut ribs, or Costillas as they are called here. The second image is beef short ribs. The 3rd pic looks to be beef back ribs. The short ribs are cut from the end of back ribs and are essentially the same thing. The meat will draw up on the bone as they cook.
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    Pic 1 are Flanken Cut ribs for quick cooking on a grill. Popular in Korean cooking. 

    Pic 2 are Short Ribs, " English Cut ". Cut in half crosswise from the Chuck Ribs number 2,3,4 and 5.


    To This...[​IMG]  

    Pic 3 looks like Chuck Short Ribs (Above) separated into individual ribs or Side Ribs. Pops can confirm. These are GOOD EATS!...JJ 
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