Playoff Chuckie and Meatballs

Discussion in 'Beef' started by njsmoker83, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, excited for todays smoke.  Running some errands with the family then going to smoke a medium sized chuck roast and a few meatballs using DavidHef88's recipe (

    I have done a chuckie before and pulled it but I think I'm going to slice this one.  While its cooking, underneath it I am going to put a tin with a can of beef broth and some chopped up onions and some rosemary.

    The meatballs are stuffed with pepper jack cheese a la DavidHef88.  The meatballs are all beef and I only have one thermometer probe which is going to be in the chuckie, do you guys think if I pull the meatballs after two hours i should be safe?  Going to run smoker 225-230.

  2. Does anyone know why on my desktop the pictures are the right way but on the post they are rotated?





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    As long as your running errands why not stop at Walmart & pick up a digital therm, they are only a couple of dollars. That way you will be sure your meatballs are done, or after 2 hours you could just take one out & cut it in half to see if it's done. Can't help you with the photo's.

  4. I have a little digital that I could use.  I guess i can open the top when i spritz chuckie.  What temp should I pull Meatballs at?
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    I take my meatballs to maybe 150°ish and you could go lower if you want to. One thing that I have found out is don't use a soft cheese like Monterrey jack I would say to use a sharp cheddar it doesn't melt as fast.
  6. so at 150 they should be done right?  Don't want to poison the family
  7. davidhef88

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    pull them when they start to ooze.  cut one and look at it, mine were in a couple hrs.  I took the temp but I dont recall what it was. you will be fine with the jack, meatballs are done when it starts to ooze cheese, just catch them before it all oozes out. lol
  8. Going to use the Myron Mixon method and put them in tins when I cook them.  We'll see how it works
  9. frosty

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    Good idea on the muffin tins.  Those work great, and the meatballs don't take a swim in grease.
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    Looking forward to the results [​IMG]

  11. davidhef88

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    I just set mine directly on the racks then into the smoker. Pulled them out with tongs when done. I have a master forge vertical gasser so it's easy to just slide full racks in quick to help not lose as much heat.  Waiting to see how everything turned out. 
  12. just put them on
  13. think i messed up bad.  I threw meat on before smoker was at 220 it was at 130 and its only at 180 right now and already at 83 degrees.  this sucks
  14. very depressing.  meat already at 130 and didn't even get smoker up to 200 degrees yet.  wasted $50 i think which isn't good.  Think I'm going to buy the Stoker.  the 27 degree weather probably didn't help much either.
  15. davidhef88

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    It will be fine. 
  16. Sorry for wasting your time guys.  Meatballs were so dry it was disgusting and the Chuck looked horrible.  I ended up throwing the whole thing away.  Oh well ill learn from mistakes I guess.  Ill take another crack at it next weekend.
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    Looks good so far. Cant wait to see the results.
  18. We learn from each others mistakes.  Where do you think things went wrong?  Feedback from failure is just as valuable a learning tool as feedback from success.

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