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  1. Hey guys, its getting close to tax season and I will soon be able to start moving forward with my build. I am still in the process of gathering material and trying to plan my build. So far I have been able to acquire a 275 gallon oil tank, a sacrificial trailer, quite a bit of stainless 2", 3" and 4" pipe & some small pieces of angle iron. I was originally planning to build a firebox out of 1/4 steel, however after I priced it all out, I have found that it would be much cheaper and much less work to buy a tall/long propane tank (there is a place that has them less than a mile from me)... I was thinking, I could use the 275 gallon tank as the main cooking chamber, then stand the propane tank vertically (if it was to tall ill cut it down a little), I could cut a steel plate and basically make a divider and section off the bottom part of the propane tank and use that as my firebox. then I could add a few racks in the section above and use that as a warming rack or something like a oven... So I guess my question is, would that work? also, should I route the smoke to exit after the main chamber but before the warming/oven section? or open it up and let the smoke go through the cooking chamber, into the warming section then out above the warming section?

    I have made a little drawing up. It is not to scale, just alittle idea of what I was thinking.

    Option A - Smokestack after the main cooking chamber. Warming/Oven section will be smoke free, just use the heat from firepit below.


    Option B - Smoke goes through the main cooking chamber, into warming area, then out the top.

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    I've seen them done both ways, So I guess the question is, do you want a warming box, or additional vertical smoking space?

    Yuu also may have an issue with the firebox not being large enough. Check with the calculator
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