placement of water pan in 30" MES

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  1. I just purchased a MES 30". I'm planning my first smoke this weeked. the smoker has 4 racks. is the water pan supposed to sit on the bottom rack? I'm doing beef jerky and would like to use all 4 racks. can I set the water pan directly on top of the wood chip box? since I'm doing jerky I won't be putting any water in the pan anyway so do I really even need to use the pan?

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    When making jerky, do not use the water pan..... You are trying to dry the meat..... For future reference, the water pan goes directly under the lower rack, where the indent in the rack is..... That indent is where the pan sits.....  Dave
  3. Thanks Dave! I didn't even realize the pan slid under the rack.

    just for future reference, regardless if I am actually going to put water in the pan or not, should I always have the pan in? I read somewhere that it helps shield the meat from the burner... is that true?
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    The water pan can help distribute the heat evenly in the smoker and if you fill it with sand or pea gravel, and cover it with aluminum foil, it will act as a thermal storage unit and even out temp fluctuations...
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  5. Thanks Dave!
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    Brilliant. [​IMG]

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