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    We love pizza, and fix it often.  As far as methods, depending on circumstance, we use:
    • A wood fired outdoor pizza oven - mainly for fun because I've not developed my skill set long enough, but it will cook a pizza in 90 seconds as long as I time it properly
    • Gas grill - when we want thin extra crispy crust - very easy to use and makes perfect pizza every time
    • Indoor regular oven - when the weather is too bad outside

    As to toppings, the sky is the limit - we like to think of pizza crust as the vehicle to bring all kinds of tasty toppings to our mouths [​IMG]

    Here's one that we found delicious because we like deli sandwiches:

    We like both Reuben sandwiches and pizza so we thought "why not?" and built our first Reuben pizza.  I know... sounds a bit weird at first, but it is actually quite good, and a different flavor profile than the typical pizza - meaty and savory in a way not seen in the typical pie.

    Here's the parts list:
    • Corned beef (smoked at home), thinly sliced, then roughly chopped
    • Swiss cheese
    • Homemade base sauce containing mayo, mustard, finely diced pickles, and a bit of pickle juice
    • Sauerkraut

    We did this one on a stone in the home oven at 450F.  Thin crisp crust is our favorite.

    The result was excellent, and we will make this one again - combines the best of our favorite deli sandwich and the thin crust we love


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