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Discussion in 'Breads' started by sawhorseray, Oct 23, 2014.

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    Dough recpe;

    1  cup water

    1 large tablespoon olive oil

    1 teaspoon lemon juice

    3/4 teaspoon salt

    1 large tablespoon white sugar

    1 tablespoon dry milk powder

    3 cups bread flour

    1 large teaspoon active dry yeast

    Dissolve the yeast for about ten minutes in the cup of warm water (105º) Combine all ingredients and knead by hand, or in Kitchenaid stand mixer on #2 using dough hook, for ten minutes. Form into ball and place in lightly oiled bowl covered with cling wrap for two hours, until doubled in size

    Once doubled in size turn out on a lightly floured surface, use rolling pin to make dough the size of the pizza stone.

    Decorate with good quality tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and a layer of salami or pepperoni

    Preheat oven to 420º and toss the pizza stone in there for a good 20 minutes while finishing off the decorations with some homemade Canadian bacon, wild hog Italian sausage, chopped onion, bell pepper, and black olives. Using a peel place the pizza on the stone in the 420º oven for about 18 minutes. Carefully remove from oven with the pizza peel and portion out with old world pizza cutter

    Weighs about three times as much as a Round Table large combo, 1/4 the price, much better flavor, goes well with beer. RAY
  2. Looks fantastic!!   I predict you will be an OTBS member shortly, love your posts!!   Maybe you should put some of that awesome IT sausage on the next one???

    Happy smokin!
  3. Whoops! I was drooling over the pics, then read the text.......  IT sausage[​IMG]
  4. It looks very tasty!


    Happy smoken.

  5. sawhorseray

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    I have no idea what OTBS stands for.

    Oh, Thinkin' Bout Something?

    On The Bad Side?

    Often Talkin' Bull Sh--?

    Only The Bad Survive?

    Obviously, That Be Stupid? [​IMG]  RAY
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    Order of Thin Blue Smoke.
  7. sawhorseray

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    Ah ha! Thanks for that Brooksy. RAY
  8. dirtsailor2003

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    Great looking ZA! Now get that thing in the smoker next time! Too big to fit in my Mini-ZA smoker!
  9. sawhorseray

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    Last nights effort was a straight forward pepperoni and wild hog Italian sausage success. Today I'll be whipping out a batch of burger rolls and producing 15 pounds of a special burger mix. I'm like a squirrel getting ready for winter. My hip is getting replaced in about ten weeks so I'm trying to make sure I've got a freezer full of food that I like to eat, also to avoid my wife's cooking. RAY

  10. Excellent!!!

  11. foamheart

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    LOL...... I love the look of your pizzas, they do look delicious. Those pizza stones are sure nice.

    AND speaking of nice, Thats a nice looking cleaver ya got there.

    Really nice thread. Good looking food too!

  12. sawhorseray

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    Thank you very much Foamheart! Last year for Xmas Santa brought me a Kitchenaid stand mixer which improved my bread-making by at least 1000%, all of a sudden my bread and pizza dough wasn't like lead sinkers anymore. The meat clever in the pics has been in my family for at least 90 years that I know of. Having started my carpentry apprenticeship at the age of 17 under the watchful eye of old-country Italian journeymen I learned how to take care of tools and keep them REAL sharp. RAY
  13. sawhorseray

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    Aside from Eggs Benedict I think one of the popular uses for the Canadian bacon we smoke is for going on a nice pizza. Smoking my own CB for $2.29lb. as opposed to having to pay $5.99 for a watered-down 6oz pack of flavorless stuff means no skimping

    The standard sauce and mozzarella foundation topped with a solid layer of salami and CB, better than Round Table would do you

    Some chopped onions and pineapple chunks, 400º for 18 minutes, slice and serve with ice cold beer.

    Off to the coast for a couple of days to brig home a load of Dungeness crab and ling cod fillets, man does not live on just pizza Life is good RAY

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