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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by cabin fever, May 12, 2011.

  1. flyweed

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    Matt said he talked to a "woman"....so he assumed it was your mom I guess.  I guess he could have assumed it was your wife, girlfriend, fiance..whatever...but he said "mom"

    Oh well...as long as you got  refund it's all good I think...I think I still would have asked them for a replacement probe, and tried that first.

  2. cabin fever

    cabin fever Smoke Blower

    When I sent the 110 back and they tested it out, Matt assured me there was absolutely nothing wrong with the probe or the unit itself. That's why I didn't bother ordering a replacement probe.
  3. I also have had tons of problems with the IQ110, it seems to run about 75* to hot and the blower fan continues to run even when the red light is solid red. In the past I had contacted Pitmaster but was told nothing was wrong and that I need to tape up my inlet/vent pie openings to nearly block all the openings.
  4. alaskanbear

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    Well, with responses from Pitmaster and the likes, I can scratch off one of these on my to-get list. I am a man of my word and refuse to deal with those who only care about the dam dollor and NOT the reputation and/or product.  Shameful in my opinion.

  5. tyotrain

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    I would have a hard time letting go of my Guru[​IMG]
  6. jirodriguez

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    Makes you appreciate bussinessmen like Todd Johnston even more. He makes a good product and stands behind it 100%, and he is rewarded with lots of good word of mouth.
  7. I talked with John at Pitmaster this afternoon and they are trying to help me resolve my issues. He was really decent and spent time explaining things to me and is sending me something to try to help me use it with better results on my Big Steel Keg, so we will see how this does.
  8. flyweed

    flyweed Smoking Fanatic

    yeah, I think the guys at Pitmaster (matt and john) are both decent guys.  They just have a fairly new product that is having some issues, so hopefully they'll be able to work out all the little bugs and offer another great product choice to us smokers.  I don't think they are trying to scam anyone, or not "make good" on their products.

    Anyway......I wish them all the luck and hope they can make a go of it.  I'll probably be picking up a Guru in the near future.

  9. I've been wanting a temperature controller and have been looking at the iq.  I cane across this forum and wanted to get the strait scoop so i called jon at pitmaster.  he said they gave the cabin fever guy a 100% refund.  he also said that there was noting wrong with the controller and that in cabin fevers first post he said the iq worked perfect and he was impressed with it.  he used it yesterday to do a practice cook on chicken and it worked perfect. i have read to many positive reviews and only this one bad. i think im gonna give one a try. more to follow.
  10. flyweed

    flyweed Smoking Fanatic

    hell...I'd do a full, unbiased review of their product for them, if they'd like....all they gotta do is send me a unit to test out free [​IMG]
  11. cabin fever

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    I said that at a time when I didn't know that pit control devices are not supposed to run constantly. That was my first time using any kind of pit control unit so as far as I could tell the 110 was doing what it was supposed to do.
  12. smokinal

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    Why don't you go on over to the roll call section & introduce yourself so we can give you a proper welcome. You sound like you work for IQ.
  13. please explane the roll call section
  14. sqwib

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    I was gonna stay clear of this thread but had to check it out

    Quote from website

    pitmasterIQ.com is here to provide you with tools and information to help make you a BBQ genius!

    Our flagship product is the iQue 110 Automatic Temperature Controller. It features a set-it-and-forget-it design to give your charcoal cooker kitchen-oven-like temperature control and stability. In fact, it will give your pit far better temperature control than the vast majority of kitchen ovens! Imagine how easy that makes it to cook smokey, succulent, melt-in-your-mouth ribs, brisket, tenderloin, even burgers! Just dial in the temperature, wait the amount of time specified in the recipe, and just like that your family and friends think you're a BBQ genius!

    Contact pitmasterIQ.com
    Call us during regular business hours CST at (636) 447-7972. Our fax line is (636) 447-8581.

    Email general questions to [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Privacy Notice: pitmasterIQ.com respects your privacy. Your contact information will not be shared with anyone. We will only use this information to notify you when new products become available.

    Unless otherwise noted, all pitmasterIQ.com products are warranted against defects in components and manufacturing for ninety (90) days from date of purchase. Failure to use products in manner described in Owner's Manuals will void warranty.

    We try to ship in-stock products within 48 hours of receipt of order.

    Fifteen (15) day money-back guarantee on unused items with all original packaging. A 20% restocking fee will apply. Used items cannot be returned.

    Your credit card information is not stored by pitmasterIQ.com.

    So the statement in red is basically saying if  you look at it and don't like the way it looks, then you can send it back for a refund minus a 20 percent restocking fee, so if the item is $139.00, you are charged $27.80 for them to place it on the shelf?

    But if you use it and it don't perform like it should you get $0.00 back.

    So the warranty only applies to defective or unused product, not to customer satisfaction.

    Playing devils advocate, the consumer can make the choice not to purchase the product based on the warranty.

    Hell I think I'm gonna start my own business.
  15. kjlued

    kjlued Smoke Blower

    Ding ding ding.

    I agree 100%

    Not that I planned on buying one at this point, but now I doubt I ever will and I am sure this thread even though I don't think it was the intentions will cost them a few sales.
  16. nepas

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    I have a IQ110 on my MC PR36 and have had no problems with it. It holds 225* on the far end of the grill. Very happy with my $150 purchase.

  17. jirodriguez

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    Nepas.... could you help by describing how your IQ normally operates? Does it run non-stop like CabinFever's did? It would be interesting to see if what he was experiencing was the same as the positive results you have gotten.
  18. smokinal

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    Nepas, I thank you for chiming in on this & I'm sure there are far more IQ customers like yourself who are very satisfied with the unit. The fact remains that they did not refund the purchase price of a customer who had a bad experience with their unit until the bad press got to be too much for them. I hope they have learned from this experience & have changed their policy. All you have to do is look at a company like A-MAZE-N smokers to see what customer service should be like.
  19. Well I have been wanting a temperature controller to use with my WSM and UDS and this was near the top of my list.  Not anymore. with that kind of customer service, they ain't getting any of my money.  Now it's between the Auber and BBQ Guru NanoQ.  I like the price on the Auber but the NanoQ looks a little better quality.
  20. michael ark

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    Good detective work al .I though the same thing.

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