Pitmaster 120 Temp Controler

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  1. Hello Folks, I need some advice.  Until recently I didn't know these things existed.  I am totally old school but I guess it's time to move into the 20 century at least.  I have read MANY of the old posts but they all seem to be from 2011.  Is a lot of money to put out on a "gadget".  If it does what it says it does then I can justify the expense.  I know many of you have the 110 model,  Is it REALLY worth the money??  I hear it's the best thing since sliced bread.  Just some feedback please.  Thank you.

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    I got one Danny. Use it on my homemade smokehouse and it works like a charm.
    Here it is hanging from the side. They have a newer model just FYI.
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  3. Hello gee!!  Long time no speak.  Hope all is well with you and the family.  That seems to be what everyone thinks of the unit.  I am looking at the newer 120 version with digital readout, meat IT probe and such.  I read their customer service was a little dodgy at the start but has improved since.  It would just be really handy for those weekends when you are really busy but would love a nice smoked meal at the end of the day.  Set it and forget it almost.  We have so few really nice weekends it's a shame not to cook something when you get one.


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