Pitmaker vault, charcoal grey with metal flake.

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by smokedntender, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. I have a 6 month old pitmaker Vault I seasoned it with bacon grease in Red Oak I have cooked in it about 20 times. Unfortunately I have to get rid of it to help pay for some of my business expenses. I am asking 3000 if I have to pay the shipping and will negotiate if you pay the shipping. I paid 3500 brand new from pitmaker plus shipping which came to 4300 total. 20171102_131330.jpg 20171102_131454.jpg 20171102_131407.jpg
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    nice smoker... It might help if you tell people where it has to ship from ...
  3. Sorry it's from casper wy.
  4. From casper wy.
  5. paulr44

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    Ouch! That must torture to have to sell it! I commiserate, my smoker friend! Best wishes moving forward...
  6. Thanks paul.
  7. Hey Neighbor ,

    I’m just four hours south of you in Denver. How low would you go on price if I were able to pull a trailer up by you to fetch it?

    I was talking to Becca at Pitmaker and had my heart set on Viper red but I could drop the color preference if the price is right. Coincidentally, thanksgiving week is when my wife asks me what I want for Christmas. She’s still mad at me for getting my Shirley but I think she’d be thrilled about set and forget BBQ.

    Please let me know. Thanks!
  8. Sorry folks, I hit submit twice. I figure I’ll just say a Vault is perfect since stickburning is rough with two little ones at home. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your reply!!
  9. I'll tell what. You drive up here I'll take $2500. That saves you $1,000 off the new price and whatever delivery charge you would have had. I ended up spending $4,300 brand new because I had $800 in shipping. What do you think about that?
  10. Not sure I mentioned in my original post that it comes with a bbq guru cyberq wifi
  11. Let me know if you received these because it did something strange when I hit reply.
  12. Yowzers!! I’m very interested and gears are turning in my head. Coincidentally , I’m up smoking a brisket and turkey will go in a few hours. The wife is stressing about all our guests and making the house look tidy so I know it’s dangerous bringing it up before our thanksgiving dinner.

    However , tomorrow is a much safer play. It’s these Jedi Mind Tricks that are needed to navigate this. In the meantime, my best friend who would likely road trip north with me on I-25 will be there. I’ll probably show him some of the pictures you posted.

    I’ll hit post now. Lesson learned that I just have to hit it once and wait. I’ll then try to send you a PM in a second.
  13. I’ll take it!! PM and email sent. Miraculously the wife agreed. Standing by to coordinate pick up. Thanks Sir!!

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