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    I tried ribs exactly the way the makers recommend in their online video. Hang until nearly done, then slather and rehang for 20-30 mins. Absolutely perfect. The secret to the PBC is the drum size. 33 gallons apparently is the perfect size for even heat convection, allowing the meat 2" from the coals to cook at the same rate at meat at the top. I was dubious of their claim until I tried one. Perfect cook every time. For larger cuts like whole briskets and pork shoulders, you may have to wrap and either place back on grate in PBC or in the oven to finish. The PBC seems to be good for 7-8 hours on one load (7-8 lbs of Kingsford original).
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    Always works for me as well. I sometimes still wrap. I did a brisket and if you do one, be prepared for it to come up to temp faster than you are used to. My very large one cooked so fast I thought it may be ruined but it was great!
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    I just purchased a Pit Barrel Cooker and am getting ready to fire it up this weekend.  I'll probably stick to Noah's recommendations for my first run, but I'm wondering if anyone is using smoking wood in their pit barrel cooker....  Please feel free to share any other tips or tricks you've learned when using yours.


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    Yep, I throw a few pieces in every time. I usually use fruit wood. I have noticed you do not need as much as with an offset or other smokers. Works well.
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    trm612: I do the same as aquaduck. The length of the the cook determines how many chunks I use -- 3 hours would equal about 6 chunks of fruit wood. I don't add chunks after the product reaches 145* because it won't take any more smoke.

    One thing I'm fooling around with is the amount of charcoal I use. As countmahdrof indicated, the PBC will burn for a long time on a full basket and on short cooks (chicken wings, tri-tip) it's a waste of charcoal so I've cut the charcoal in half for those cooks and had good results. Even a half basket burns forever. I pretty much follow Noah's proven method's but I do deviate and use some of the meat preparations that have worked well for me on my offset. My suggestion would be to try Noah's method first and then experiment. 

    The last St Louis Rib I purchased was the longest suckers I've ever seen so I cut it in half and they came out great -- better than on the offset. I probably could have cooked them as one unit and obtained the same result.

    I don't know where you live but, depending on your altitude, be sure to set the air intake as they suggest.
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    Thanks for the advise guys.  The 1st run was very successful!  No leftovers.  Can't wait for next time.
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    I missed the promo and would jump on one immediately if it were still going on...

    C'mon Kingsford - let's get the end of Summer rolling!
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    I think I'm just about sold on one of these as s Christmas present to myself. I got rid of my WSM to try stick burning but now I realize I do need a set and forget it cooker also. This seems to be the ticket!
  9. Hi everyone.  Well after much debate I finally purchased a PBC yesterday.  (Total BBQ newbie)  Can't wait to get it and do my very first charcoal cook.  I have always had a gas grill.

    I have a question for you guys.  I am going to try Noah's method of just using charcoal the first time but after the first cook I want to add wood.  Do I add wood right away and do I have to soak it first?


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    I looked at the PBC but bought a WSM instead. But I never soak my wood, they have done tests that show the water doesn't penetrate very far. The best bet "wood" be to use 2-3 chunks and add more if needed the next cook. Congrats on the new cooker!
  11. Thanks for the response b-one. What kind of wood do you use and how do you like your weber?
  12. fastback

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    I grabbed a PBC recently as well and this is how I set things up yesterday... Seemed to burn & smoke just fine.

    I didn't soak the wood, just used some dry peach and poured the hot coals right on top...

  13. Looking good Fastback.  What did you cook?  How did it turn out and was it easy to do?

  14. fastback

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    I hadn't done ribs in a while so that's what I had going this weekend.

    For the life of me I couldn't get the membrane off the back of any of them (normally then come off just fine...) but I kept on with the plan and had great results.

    I was looking for a cooker that would provide good results without me having to babysit it in bad weather situations. The off-set in the summer is fine...

    This thing did great. Yesterday was full of scattered showers and strong winds all day. I estimate that I was outside for 10 minutes total, which includes getting the coals started and into the barrel.

    Results were great despite the weather, and everyone enjoyed dinner.

  15. Those look really good!  I can't wait to get mine going.  How long did yours take to get?  If you bought it online.
  16. fastback

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    Total time was 4 days - Placed the order on Monday and it landed on Friday.

    Shipping time was 3 days FedEx Ground.
  17. b-one

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    The webers great. I use for pork mesquite/cherry blend or pecan/cherry blend
  18. Do these cook differently that the meat doesn't fall apart? How would you cook a butt for pulled pork? I am partial to having a grate to sit stuff on.
  19. aquaduck

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    They come with a grate as well. 

  20. fastback

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    Just a quick follow up after a month or two of use with the PBC.

    I've used this a bunch since the weather has moved away from summer, and I've had great results with every cook.

    My wife likes food off the PBC better than any other cooker\grill\smoker I've owned or used so far. I showed her how to use it and she's already had a successful cook on her own as well.
    • 18 lb Turkey
    • 12 lb Prime Rib
    • 3 Chickens at once
    • 7 Racks of Ribs at once
    • 3 Racks of Short Ribs
    • Tri TIp
    The cooker as it stands does a fantastic job of cooking evenly & efficiently. I enjoy the ribs and rib roast the most, but all who had turkey this past Thanksgiving raved about the meat. The only thing I plan to do this next year is punch a few holes in the side allowing for the grate to be dropped down another 4-6 inches - I'll just use some stainless nuts & bolts.This will allow for a small drip-pan to sit under future turkeys & roasts.

    I'll be buying a lot of Kingsford Blue this next season [​IMG]

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