Pit Barrel Brisket (part 2)

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  1. Hung another brisket in the Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC) this weekend.  Was anxious to try out my new iGrill2, so picked up an 8lb brisket from HEB on a whim.  Rubbed it down with mixture of mustard and pickle juice, and then applied the Pepper/Salt rub.  Let it sit overnight.

    For those unfamiliar with the PBC, it is designed to use Kingsford briquettes.  Recently, I have switched to using B&B Oak briquettes (feel like I get a better smoke flavor this way), but this time I realized I only had lump.  Oh well, decided to give it go anyways.  

    The end results was great (actually one of my best briskets), but the management of the cook was much more involved.  The lump was burning hotter than the briquettes (by design, but I attempted to compensate for this by reducing the initial coal load, and managing the oxygen flow).  The lump also burned through much quicker, so for the first time ever with the PBC i had to reload the coal basket a couple of times (a small bag of briquettes normally lasts 10 hours or so for me).  

    Thank goodness I had my new iGrill2 to alert me to these temperature problems (highs and lows) and I was able to react quickly to things I would have missed before.  I pulled the brisket at 165ish, and wrapped in foil.  Finished in the oven given my temp control problems with the lump.    

    Just wanted to get this posted in case anyone is wondering about using lump in the PBC.  My advice, don't do it.  Although, I did get the best smoke ring I have had in long while.  And the brisket was super tender and juicy.  I will try next one back on briquettes, but try to repeat all other steps the same to see if the lump had anything to do with improved smoke ring/flavor.

    Q-view from the two times I remembered to take a pic:

    First cut after resting...

    Sliced for a sandwich the next day....

  2. bigtrain74

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    Looks like a great piece of meat! Nice work.
  3. b-one

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    Impressive smoke ring for sure! Great job!!

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