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  1. So I hit the local big box store and picked up some 3/4 x close pipe nipples, conduit nuts and a 1" hole saw.  This seemed to be what everybody was using.

    Is it normal for the nipples to get larger in the center?  They thread in a little way and then stop dead because the hole isn't big enough.  Same with the nuts, they start just fine and then they won't budge.  Did I buy the wrong nipples?


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    yes iron pipe threads are tapered. If you have enough threads on the inside for your nut and washer you should be good. If not you may need to bearly swedge the hole.

    The tighter the hole the better the seal. You could also put on your valve so that you don't scar your threads and as you tighten it, it should thread farther into the barrel.
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    Pipe has tapered threads.... should work.... Can you screw the nipple in until it stops then install the nut on the inside of the drum ??? If that don't work put a nut on the nipple, screw it in and then another nut on the inside.... tighten the nuts to hold the nipple... Or screw the nipple in tight then tighten a little more, then tack weld it in place.. It's just an air inlet...
    If I'm not mistaken, 1" pipe takes a 1 1/16 or 1 1/8" hole saw....
  4. Thanks guys, appreciate the help
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    3/4 iron pipe, pvc, or black iron (sch 40) is 1 1/8 od, but the taper let's you use a 1" hole saw for a snug fit.

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