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  1. Is this ok to use for smoke?

    I am getting some Oak to try out with the Brisket and Beef ribs this weekend. I have the opportunity to try out some Pinon if it is ok to use.
  2. I would say no because of the sap and resin since it is a pine type of tree. Could make your food nasty.

    K7PGT [​IMG]
  3. Thank you so much for the quick reply... you just saved me some $ I did not need to spend.

    I saw you can use Maple and Cherry.
  4. i looked @ a few lists & i never found if locust is ok or not. does anyone know ??
  5. When I first read this I said to myself "Why would he want to cook with bugs" [​IMG]

    Then I looked it up on the web. Sounds like a hard wood but it has a lot of moisture and does pop. Great if you make xylophones [​IMG]

    But I didn't read the whole page. Just about half and I didn't see anything about using it for smoking. I'm assuming you are talking about the Black Locust tree?
  6. yeah- i figgered a couple chunks. it's lighter than hickory in color & looks pretty dry to me - the inlaws use it for the wood heater so i'll ask them.
  7. hawgheaven

    hawgheaven OTBS Member

    I seem to remember that Locust is on the "do not use" list from somewhere... I'll try to confirm that.
  8. it's not black locust from the chunks i was looking at,but pappy did enlighten me to some hickory he's got laying around and is tired of the smell of, as he's been working saw mills all his life so it's mine to haul home.... [​IMG][​IMG]
  9. hawgheaven

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    I read somewhere that the bark off the black locust is poisonous to some cattle... dunno about the other variety... [email protected], I wish I could find that file I saw Locust wood listed on!
  10. i checked it out - not sure if it's eastern or black but... locust is great fer coffee tables,nun chucks,& guitar bodis, makes great hardwod floors, heats the woodburner( house heatin') just dandy & as far as cookin- i'll let ya know - but like i said- poppy offered me 30-50 planks- as in 3X5 ft planks to chip & burn of hickory cause he's tired of the smell ...... so i'll take it. i ain't that much a fool ...
  11. Gypsy -

    I'm pretty sure we had this dicussion some time ago and decided it not safe to use. I had emailed the state extesion service and they were supposed to get back o me but never did for confirmation.
  12. thanx debi - i did discover that black locust makes great coffee tables & guitar necks- so not all is lost ... or all is not lost.... did i mention pappy & free hickory in the same sentence ??? now that is family ...
  13. Can't beat the free hickory for sure! Locust does make fine furniture. Are you a guitar player too? That's my prmary instrument - although I broke my ring finger last year and it's not working very well for fingering.
  14. guitar,bass, drums, a bit of keys & piano ( only what i write) & cello & violin. but guitar & bass 27 yrs & drums 28 yrs & all state (la ti da ) choir... also been building me own guitars for 20 or so years ( or mutilating them)...

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