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  1. Friend of mine had his birthday party on the beach at his sister in laws "cabin" and he had me smoke up 2 Picnic Shoulders. They call 'em butts here, but they are NOT butts!  Anyways - off to the local equivalent to Sam's club and 2 shoulders later we got this.


    Peeled off the skin, leaving as much fat as possible, then rubbed up with Jeff's rub and wrapped for the overnight sleepover in the fridge.


    Got up about 5:30 and started getting the grill ready.

    Loaded the AMNPS with a mix of hickory and maple after a quick trip into the microwave to remove any moisture, then set in the kettle at the very bottom.  Set up a minion style load of charcoal and set a few in the chimney to get started.




    averaged the temps from 215 - 240 despite a windy day with occasional rain. In at 6:15, done at 1:45 with an IT at 178 - just the way he likes it...nice bark and needing to be carved off  (I prefer a pulled temp, but it wasn't for me!)


    Wrapped in foil and set in a cooler.  Went to the beach house around 4 and served at 5.  No money shot but I did snap one after I opened it from the foil


    The birthday boy was in Hog Heaven and the rest of the guests were very pleased with the taste as was I.  Wife also made Broccoli Slaw and that was a hit too!

    The beach house was in a secluded little area, no sand mostly little rocks and then rough stuff in the water...but one really cool looking palm that has seen it's fair share of storms.


    (HDR setting on the iPhone)

    Going back to MN for a visit on Tuesday for 1 week, and I am going to the real Sam's club and buying 4 butts to bring back to the island. Then I can show these castaways how a real butt is done and what pulled pork is supposed to be like!!!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Nothing like seeing some good looking "butts" while at the beach! [​IMG]
  3. It wasn't a populated beach area so the only butts were of the group or in the foil!

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    Nice Job, John, as usual !!!

    Great Pics too!!!!


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    Looks awesome!

    Both the pork & the beach!

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