Pine dust just for testing a smoke generator?

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    I fashioned a cold smoke generator out of a mesh colander after seeing the idea somewhere else on the site. I'd like to test it out but I dont want to waste what little apple dust I have right now, so I thought I could just load it with pine dust from my shop and put it in a cardboard box outside to see if it works properly first. This should be ok right? I cant imagine much creosote or whatnot building up on it, though it is too flimsy to take a wire brush to. What say you all?
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    Pine would burn hotter than hardwood and faster so I would be more worried on burning up the mesh itself.  I would try a colander and bend that into a channel-holding utensil myself that would be much sturdier.  However, after trying a few different ones, it'd probably be cheaper just to purchase an AMNS or AMNPS from Todd.
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    [​IMG]   on the AMNPS!
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    Love the AMNPS!   [​IMG][​IMG]

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