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  1. Hey everyone - I couldn't find an off topic area on here so I figured I would post this here. I was just wondering if any of you enjoy a good game of pinball. Not the computer/Playstation/Xbox versions but the real life pinball machines. Just curious...
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      I haven't done that in years.  If someone else were to supply the quarters, I might have played more!

  3. Not to many arcades that have real pinball games any more. The machines have really changed over the years. The old single level models like "Playboy" against the newer one like "F-16" and the triple deckers like Haunted Mansion. Makes me want to dig out my old Who album and play Pinball Wizard.................TILT   [​IMG]
  4. LOL I hear ya!
    You're right about the arcades. I've had a "game room in progress" for about a year now that keeps evolving. I'm in the process of putting in some pinball machines & just figured I'd see if anyone else still had any interest in them...
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  5. Around here a restored "vintage" machine goes for about $3k to $5K. A new restored model, $7K to $12K.  Although the electronics in an old one is basic, the amount of under deck wiring is staggering, and the new ones have computer boards the size of a cutting board. Pinball and pool don't transfer well to computers because of the large amount of fast moving objects. My fave game is F-16, if the volume is up, everyone in the room knows what you're playing.   

                                                                                                     [​IMG] We need a pinball gizmo
  6.      Wow! [​IMG] That's crazy! I picked up an original 1969 Gottlieb Target Pool for $300. I replaced a few bulbs & it was good to go.

          The 2nd one I got was a 1989 Williams Black Knight 2000. It had no memory, the right flippers were dead & it kept blowing fuses. I was able to get it for $750. I got it home & checked it out. I found a bad end of stroke switch on the top right flipper & replaced it - no more blown fuses & both right flippers worked again. I also rebuilt the left flipper because it was a little weak. For the memory problem I flipped the batteries on the main top board so they were oriented correctly & the memory worked again. I also replaced 2 bulbs for a total of $31 in parts to get it working right.

         I then somehow convinced myself that I needed another one & ended up with a 1992 Data East Lethal Weapon 3 that still had the police topper on it. It has the dot matrix display. It hadn't been used in ages & I was able to negotiate it down to $400 & one of the benches I make. I cleaned the playfield & the balls, crossed my fingers & fired it up - everything worked & I was tickled lol.

         Somehow or another I just ended up picking up a 1973 Williams Pat Hand for $75. I had to do some wiring on it & work on 2 of the stepper units. I got it to turn on now but it's not working right. I found a few switches that I need to replace, a bakelite spacer & possibly a relay but I won't know for sure till I get the switches swapped out...

         I have told myself I can't get any more pinball machines or things will get too crowded. I definitely don't want to crowd my pool table!! I enjoy it way too much!

         Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble so much - I was just shocked at the prices. If I had to pay what machines cost in your area there is no way I could have gotten any... Also do you mean F14 Tomcat? If so that's one of my favorites as well - really keeps you on your toes with 4 flippers - especially when you get the multi-ball!!
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  7. Yes F-14 Tomcat was the game, it's been many years since I've been in a real arcade. We used to rent a cabin on the Russian River near Gurneville, CA. The cabin was remodeled and turned into a full service resort, the make up of Gurneville has changed and the arcade was closed (cost of insurance I think). When I stated those prices they where for games that where fully restored. Stripped down to the wood, new paint and decals, new wireing bumpers, etc,etc. I think ones like yours that are just made operational are more authentic and a hell of a lot more fun, Good job Smoking B.
  8. Thanks Linguica [​IMG]  It's fun to save a few of those old machines & get them working again. It also gives people something fun to do while waiting for their turn on the pool table.

    Here is the 69 Target Pool. I tried to get the whole rack lit up but missed a few targets before I lost my last ball lol.

    This is the Lethal Weapon 3 but I must have moved the camera a little...

    A shot of the cabinet on the Lethal Weapon 3...

    Bottom right corner is one of the stepper units I had to get working on the 73 Pat Hand.

    The Black Knight 2000

    Action shot lol

    & this is the reason I can't get any more pins. A mid 1930's Atlantic Billiards tournament table. 9' with 1 inch slate, fast cushions & Simonis 860 cloth. This thing is built like a tank! I don't want anything causing any obstructions to shooting on it - as it is now nothing is in the way of any shot. I even put in a steel beam to eliminate a post that would have been in the way...
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  9. I haven't seen a stepper switch in 45 years, man that brings back unpleasant memories. They can be a bear just to buzz out. Your machines are awesome. Righteous pool table too.

    Please put 2 quarters under the bumper for me.....and turn up the sounds....."He's a pinball wizard there has got to be a twist"

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    Wish I had one of these... Brings back a lot of memories... The lowest score bought the next round for the other players... We played it all the time at the bar

  11. I was originally looking for one of those or a shuffleboard but couldn't find any for sale in my area  [​IMG]   so I settled for an air hockey table instead...
  12. Thanks Linguica! I will put some quarters down for you tonight - it sounds like a few buddies are gonna come shoot later this evening  [​IMG]   I also gathered up a Megatouch countertop model from a bar that has over 100 games on it (the ladies all seem to gravitate to it) & a Raiden Fighters arcade game that I want to make a MAME with when I get the time. I still need to figure out where I'm gonna hang my dart board & where to put the tv...

    Here's a chalk/towel holder I threw together quick in my shop...

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  13. Did that for ya last night sir! More people ended up coming & there were 7 of us total. We had a really good time - lots of fun! [​IMG]
  14. I sort of figured there would be more people who enjoyed those older machines. I'm kind of surprised  [​IMG]    Oh well, you know what they say... [​IMG]
  15. Linguica your quarters are still up - if for some reason you happen to find yourself on the other side of the country, stop in & play  [​IMG]
  16. When I was in High School in the 70's 2 or 3 of us would go to the drug store and play Captain Fantastic all lunch hour on one quarter and always leave with about 20 free games on the machine.  We had the machine's timing and action down.  We could all bridge, trap and backflip, and we would all play a ball in turn and kept racking up the free games.
  17. Thanks Smoking B, the computer versions of pinball are terrible. Across the SF bay in Alameda there is a pinball museum. Very impressive collection, but not the same as having pinball and pool in your own basement. I miss those weekends when the guys would just show up with a case of beer, a row of Harleys lined up in front of the house and the man cave (in those days it was just the basement) blasting out 60"s rock. Oh well......I don't miss the X, that's for sure. Keep the quarters up, I willmake it there some day.

    Pinball museum
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    You have a wonderful game room Smoking B! I wish we had the room to do something :(
  19. Thanks Tonya  [​IMG]   I didn't have the room in my house either. I built a room beside my shop using an existing shop wall as one of its walls & it has worked good so far  [​IMG]  
  20. Sweet looking game room/man cave/hangout or whatever it is you call it! Someday I hope to have one.

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