Pig Wings

Discussion in 'Pork' started by coffeecreek, May 21, 2013.

  1. coffeecreek

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    Just wanted to share what a friend gave me. He got them fresh from a butcher that he deals with. These are not the pre-cooked ones. I had never seen these much less cooked them. I set the smoker at 225 using hickory and cherry, cooked for about one hour, wrapped for one hour then finished for about one hour. Applied finishing sauce the last 30 minutes. The only pic I took was before applying the finishing sauce. They were very good with lots of meat, kinda like eating a "pork" turkey leg.


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  2. Looking good. They are delicious and very pricy too.

    Farmland Food Service quit producing fresh ones and now only sell the precooked ones.
  3. kathrynn

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    Yummmm.....and different!

  4. sqwib

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    They do look good!
  5. smoke slinger

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    So what is a pig wing as I have never heard of it? Thanks
  6. fwismoker

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    Who says pigs don't fly!

    LOL, seriously though they come from the pigs hind legs..towards the ankle i believe.   
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  7. driedstick

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    very nice looks good.
  8. mneeley490

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    Ok, so it's basically a small pork shank?
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  9. bdskelly

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    I'm on a mission to find these. ...or even butcher my own.  Anyone know what these were before the butcher made them look like a lamp chop?
  10. dls1

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    A while back the NY Times had this article about Pig Wings that should answer your questions:


    Frankly, I don't know where you can buy them at retail. At a point, BJs and Costco carried them but they no longer do. Smithfield Food's specialty division sold them under the Paula Deen brand but it appears that's over. Restaurant Depot also carried them, but I don't know if they still do. If you have a friend in the restaurant business see if he can order them for you.

    As Jarhead mentioned above, Farmland produces them fully cooked and sells them neutral to restaurants that finish them in whatever manner they wish. Pioneer, Apperts, and a few others do the same. As he also mentioned, they aren't cheap.

    The photo of the pig wings below are some I had at a bar in some little town in Southern Illinois around a year ago. The bar smoked, then deep fried them, and they were excellent.

  11. sfwmson

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    I'm going to guess with the drought last year and the sell off of all things pork-y, these are going to be scarce and at a premium. But if you have the dough, these look like a wonderful (if short lived) investment.
  12. Found frozen, uncooked at foodservicedirect.com...gonna have to order a case.
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  13. unclejoeyv

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    seem 'em called hog wings too. maybe that will help your search.
  14. dr k

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    Kinda like a porksicle (boneless loin chop on a stick @ outdoor events/fairs.)
  15. smoke slinger

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    Thanks for the info, looks like Dr Google will have to start up his research for me......
  16. dls1

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    Maybe I missed something, but all could find on their site were the ones produced by Farmland which are fully cooked then frozen.
  17. No, I missed something..... Didn't read entire description...said fully cooked at end...sorry for mis-info...did find some fresh locally at pork processor here in NC.  Put in order for 20#'s.
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  18. coffeecreek

    coffeecreek Fire Starter

    The ones I cooked were fresh and tasted great!! They are pricey but I think worth it to cook a few times a year.
  19. I may be  in the dark here, but what cut of meat am I looking at? It does look very nice.....very meaty!!

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