Pig Roast..What Size?

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  1. Hey all I come to you in search of help. I am throwing a pig roast in a bout a week and I am in the process of ordering a pig. I will be using an electric spit to do the roasting. I will be having approx 30-35 people, but I will also have a few sides as well,not just the pig.

     My question is, what is the best size to get?. I was thinking in the range of 35-40 lbs.

     I have heard that a 40 lb pig is too big (not for the amount of people) but for the toughness of the meat and that a 35 lb pig would be best. As it is considered a younger pig and the meat wont be as tough.

    Is there a difference between the 35  and 40 lb pig as far as the meat goes. Also what is the cooking time for both. I hear between 4-6 hours for both sizes, is this correct?

    Also what are some other tips for doing this

  2. anyone?
  3. I am sorry i don't have any knowledge of smoking a whole hog if you search in the search bar "Smoked Whole Hog" it brings up quite a bit so do that and do some reading see if what you need is in one of those threads.
  4. Thanks but I am not smoking it I am putting it on a spit and roasting it , I found some good stuff on line but not the exact answer that I am looking for.
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    Collins found a good post to paruse .

    Have fun and . . .
  6. My son Big Train 74 and I did a 65 lb pig 2 years ago, we were suppose to have 40 people but wound up with less than 30. That said there was around 1/2 a pig left all said and done. We built a concrete block pit and roasted it between 6 & 7 hours...it could have used maybe another hour honestly but it tasted great. Nothing wrong with left overs either. You can freeze it.

  7. Thanks for the tips guys, those posts helped little. I think I've decided to go with a 40lbs pig. .. I do have a couple of questions though, at what point or weight break is it no longer a suckling pig? is a 40 lb pig an older pig or is it considered a young pig?

     Gonna do it on a open rotisserie and start it around 10-11 am. I want to have all the food ready so everyone can eat around 7:00pm or so.

    I figure that would give me more than enough time for it to cook through. Is that good or is that too long for that size of pig?
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    I belive they classify a 40lb pig to be a suckling. I would personally start it earlier to make sure you leave yourself enough time to ensure your hams are to temp, pull it off, cut it up and serve. If done auper early just foil it and cover with a blanket. You dont be upset that it was done sooner rather than when everyone is famished and getting anxiois. i wish you the best!


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