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  1. Good day everyone,

    looking for some advice for a pig roast I'll be doing for the July long weekend. I've done about 6 or7 smaller 50-75 lb pigs before over propane and charcoal spits with good results. I've volunteered to do a larger one(150lbs) for a summer event my freind is hosting. I've used the roaster he is renting(Propane tiger torch heat source,metal drum, stainless rotiserrie) with no problems, hickory/apple wood smoke pouches for good flavour.

    My concern here is time, the butcher says 6-7 hours to finish the pig, but none of my smaller ones were done that quick. Even if it were "cooked" I don't know that it would be very tender heated that quickly. I am thinking more realistically of an overnight cook to finish around 5:30-6pm for dinner would give a much better end product.


    pics of a previous roast using the same roaster

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  2. Hello CDN.  I can't help but one of our U.K. members does hog roasts as part of his catering business.  AND he uses propane.  I'll ask him to have a look and offer advice.  He's starting to get busy with the time of year so not on EVERY day but I am sure he will get you an answer.  I'm pretty sure British pigs cook in the same time.  [​IMG]   Keep Smokin!

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    Hi Off-roader, I cook pigs every weekend with a propane oven,
    First question, are you using a spit (pole) or tray? It's a longer cooking time with a tray.
    If it's on a spit (pole) our rule of thumb is one hour per ten kilo + 1-2 hours at 300-350F. Alumimum Foil Ears & Tail.
    If it's in a tray, same temperature one hour per ten kilo + 50% of cooking time. Foil ears, tail, snout and shoulders until the last two hours then remove to color them, if you leave them the heat rises up the side of the tray and the highest part of the pig, Head & Shoulders, get burnt in the hotter temperature at the top of the oven.,
    Even cooked at 250-300 as you have indicated low and slow, the shoulders fall apart.

    If you need any further advice please PM me.
    Spit Roasted, the heat cooks evenly all,the way round the pig.

    Tray cooked, tends to cook from the top down, as the heat from the burners, s deflected up the side of the tray to the top of the oven. Did a temperature test on this, in the bottom of the oven below the tray it's only 185 F Top of oven 450f. A huge temperature range.

    Smokin Monkey
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  4. Thanks Smokin Monkey, exactly what I was looking for. The pig will be on a spit with rotisserie, so it is a nice even cook. I generally like the lower/slower cooks, so I'm thinking the 8-9 hours will be the lower end of the cook time, probably shoot for at least 12 hours to give me some room for error.

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